Zuckerberg Under Fire After One Of His Workers Allegedly Killed His Children

By Robert Cunningham, updated on February 15, 2024

In the heart of Silicon Valley, tragedy strikes an unsuspecting family.

An Indian American family of four was found dead in their home in what police suspect to be a murder-suicide.

Silicon Valley is reeling from a devastating incident involving an Indian American family, where preliminary investigations suggest a grim turn of events from within their household.

The family, consisting of Anand Sujith Henry, his wife Alice Benziger, and their twin boys, was discovered after a concerned individual prompted a wellness check by local authorities. The San Mateo Police Department's subsequent discovery has sent shockwaves through the community, revealing the presence of a firearm and contradicting initial suspicions of a gas leak.

Family's Promising Future Cut Tragically Short

The home, valued at over two million dollars, has become a somber crime scene. Anand Sujith Henry, who had a prosperous career in tech giants Google and Meta, recently embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with his AI company, Logits.

His wife, Alice Benziger, was a respected data science manager at Zillow and shared her husband's academic pedigree, both being alumni of prestigious institutions, including Carnegie Mellon University.

Their untimely deaths, discovered in separate rooms of their expansive residence, have left the community searching for answers. The couple had a history of marital discord, evidenced by a divorce filing in December 2016 that intriguingly never culminated in separation. This background and the proximity of Alice Benziger's mother's visit, who left just a day before the incident, adds complexity to the family dynamic leading up to the tragedy.

A Community Shaken by Sudden Violence

Law enforcement officials have been cautious in their statements yet assertive in their beliefs regarding the perpetrator's identity. The San Mateo Police Department stated:

Based on the information we have at this time, this appears to be an isolated incident with no danger to the public as we are confident the person responsible was located within the home. This investigation continues as detectives work to gather evidence, speak to witnesses and family members, and determine a possible motive.

The reassurance that there is no longer a threat to the public has done little to assuage the grief and disbelief that has enveloped those who knew the family. The Silicon Valley community, often celebrated for its innovation and success stories, now confronts the stark reality that personal turmoil and tragedy can occur even amidst the most seemingly successful.

The Underlying Issues That Must Be Addressed

The deaths of Anand Sujith Henry, Alice Benziger, and their twin boys in Silicon Valley have cast a shadow over the community, suggesting a tragic murder-suicide within the family. Initial theories of a gas leak were quickly dispelled upon the discovery of gunshot wounds and a firearm. The precise motive remains unconfirmed despite the couple's past marital strife and the recently founded AI company. The police have assured the public that there is no ongoing threat, as the individual responsible was among the deceased. As the community mourns, the incident underscores the need for greater awareness of the personal challenges accompanying the pressures of success.

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