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In a world of radicalism, ignorance, and bigotry, welcome to the only political framework that protects all individuals: capitalism.
This website will teach you what's wrong with the world - and what you can do about it.
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01 Learn Economics

Step into the fascinating realm of economics! Grasp how money and markets work, and why some nations prosper while others don't. Economics isn't just numbers and graphs—it's the story of us, making choices every day. With guidance from classic conservative thinkers, you'll see why free markets and individual freedom matter.

02 Understand Politics

Politics isn't just voting—it's the heartbeat of our nation's direction. Dive into the beliefs and values that have shaped great leaders and movements. With wisdom from National Review's finest, we'll unravel the timeless principles that keep societies free and prosperous. Together, we'll champion the ideals that have made our nation great.

03 Track Global Geopolitics

Watch the world's big chess game unfold. Countries, like people, have friends and rivals. They make deals, face off, and sometimes help each other out. By understanding the moves on this global board, we can better champion America's role and stand firm for our values abroad.

04 Discover Technological Trends

Technology is changing fast, but some things never change: the need for values, caution, and a sense of history. As we explore the latest gadgets and gizmos, we'll also discuss how these tools can fit into a world that respects tradition and careful thought. With an eye on the past, we'll boldly face the future.
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