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Capitalism Institute is a defender of state-based capitalism. This is not a project based on delusional extremism, but is instead founded on a nuanced view of what seems to actually facilitate human prosperity in the real world.

Fundamentally, capitalism is a realistic framework for society, not based on any overly-mechanical, simplistic ideology. We are not free market radicals, libertarian radicals, Randian radicals, or any other kind of radical. We are realists.
Founded by Shaun Connell in 2011, Capitalism Institute is a non-partisan organization dedicated to teaching how capitalism is misunderstood, how it is the ultimate defender of the poor and oppressed, and how it provides the solution to most of our political problems.

Capitalism doesn’t need radicalism to be defended. It actually works. Every culture and nation-state should lean into capitalism to help their people prosper.

About Shaun Connell

Shaun Connell is the founder and CEO of Connell Media.

Shaun originally founded Capitalism Institute in 2011 as a response to discovering that communistic values were being openly taught in some community colleges in rural Arkansas.

Passionate about economic and financial literacy, Shaun has spent his entire career running projects that are based on the freemium educational model, providing free information, courses, guides, and news to the general public.

Capitalism Institute is associated with American Digest Media company. The company was founded and entirely funded by Shaun Connell. We have no other outside funding. We are entirely independent.

Our Team

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