Witness Confesses That Joe Biden Closed Son’s Deals During Testimony

 March 5, 2024

The unfolding drama around the Biden family has taken a new turn.

Recent witness testimony in the impeachment inquiry has shed light on Joe Biden's alleged involvement in his son Hunter Biden's business affairs, hinting at possible misuse of influence for personal gain.

Recent developments in the impeachment inquiry have painted a complex picture of the relationship between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden's business dealings, particularly with nations that have historically been in tension with the United States.

Witnesses have stepped forward, offering narratives that suggest a confluence of politics and personal business that could have implications far beyond mere familial ties.

Oversight Chairman James Comer recently voiced his concerns on national television regarding Joe Biden's purported role in facilitating business deals with foreign entities for his son, Hunter. This has sparked debates on ethical standards and accountability in public office.

The Alleged "Biden Lift" in Business Deals

The term "Biden Lift," as described by witnesses such as Jason Galanis and Tony Bobulinski, refers to the alleged mechanism through which Joe Biden's influence was leveraged to close deals. This modus operandi benefited the Biden family financially, involving countries with questionable relations with the U.S., including China and Russia.

During a 2014 meeting in New York, Jason Galanis recounted a phone call made by Joe Biden to a group that included Russian oligarchs, which is pointed to as evidence of the former Vice President's direct involvement.

Oversight Chairman James Comer stated, "And then Joe Biden would get on the phone or have lunch with them or do something and make it known in a plausible deniability kind of way that, that he was involved. This strategy raised questions about the intertwining of personal interests with public duty and the broader implications for national security and international relations.

Exploring the Timeline of Events

The timeline surrounding the Bidens' activities includes several key events that coincide with Hunter Biden's business ventures. Notable among these is a dinner in April 2014, attended by Joe Biden alongside influential figures, preceding significant financial transactions linked to Hunter.

One of the most pivotal points emerged in December 2013 during an official trip to Beijing. Hunter Biden arranged a meeting leading to the formation of BHR Partners, marking a significant step in his business endeavors in China.

Moreover, an early 2017 encounter between Joe and Hunter Biden with a delegation from CEFC China Energy followed by a $3 million transaction underscores the intricate web of business and politics.

Navigating Ethical and Security Concerns

The revelations witnessed have underscored the ethical and security concerns surrounding the use of political influence for personal gain. The "height of immorality and disrespect for the uniformed services," as stated by Rep. Scott Perry, emphasizes the gravity of the allegations.

President Biden's consistent denial of involvement in his son's business dealings contrasts sharply with the witness testimonies, fueling the debate on ethics and transparency in governance.

In conclusion, the impeachment inquiry's witness testimony regarding Joe Biden's role in Hunter Biden's business dealings with foreign entities raises questions about ethical conduct, security implications, and the potential for conflict of interest.

As the inquiry unfolds, politics and personal business remain a concerning narrative, necessitating thorough examination and transparency. The detailed accounts and timelines serve as a reminder of the complexities at the intersection of family, finance, and foreign policy.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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