Witness Claims O.J. Simpson Involved in Infamous Murders

 April 13, 2024

A shocking revelation emerged 30 years after the trial gripped a nation.

John Dunton has come forward alleging O.J. Simpson's involvement in the notorious murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, Daily Mail reported.

For decades, the story of O.J. Simpson’s trial for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her lover, Ron Goldman, has captivated the public imagination. Simpson, a former NFL star, was acquitted in a closely watched trial by millions around the globe. Yet, the case remained a subject of speculation and conspiracy theories, with many believing that justice was not served. It was a saga that unfolded amidst a media frenzy, leaving unanswered questions that lingered for years.

John Dunton, aged 62, has broken his silence, claiming that Simpson had conspired with members of the Gambino crime family to commit the heinous act.

According to Dunton, Simpson was not just a bystander but was also present at the crime scene. These allegations, if true, add a startling layer to the narrative that has been largely speculative till now. Hollywood private investigator Paul Barresi brought Dunton's account to light, adding credibility to the claims.

Simpson, who died recently at 76 after a battle with cancer, was found liable in a civil court in 1997, which ordered him to pay $33.5 million for the murders. However, many details surrounding the case remained shrouded in mystery.

Mob Influences and a Silence Broken

After initially talking to the police about the murders, Dunton was subjected to threats and intimidation by mafia members, which silenced him for decades. Only after the key figures, including Simpson, had passed away did he feel safe enough to reveal his story. Dunton's narrative sheds light on the dark intersections of crime and celebrity, suggesting a much more complex web behind the murders than previously understood.

John Dunton said, "I didn't say anything. When OJ got out of jail he called me two or three times. I didn't talk to him. I didn't want to meet. I just hung up.

Hollywood private investigator Paul Barresi has been involved in major celebrity scandals for over three decades, often unearthing secrets following the deaths of stars. After the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, Anthony Pellicano tasked Barresi with investigating O.J. Simpson's relationship with Nicole, as well as gathering information about a secret witness, John Dunton, without using intimidation.

Simpson's trial and subsequent events have spawned countless discussions and conspiracy theories. However, Dunton's claims introduce a narrative that implicates Simpson directly in a way that has not been seen before. This new information could potentially rewrite an essential chapter of one of American history's most followed legal sagas.


The murder case of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman and O.J. Simpson’s acquittal has remained in the public consciousness for over three decades. John Dunton’s recent allegations add a new layer to the complex story, potentially implicating Simpson more directly than previously thought. As this story unfolds, it remains a testament to the enduring intrigue and speculation surrounding one of the most notorious legal battles in American history.

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