Will Biden Pledge Not To Pardon His Son Post-Election?

 June 3, 2024

In a Breitbart News report, Sen. Tom Cotton questioned fill-in host Peter Alexander on NBC's "Meet the Press" about whether President Joe Biden would commit to not pardoning his son Hunter Biden after the presidential election.

The conversation highlighted the issue of potential political weaponization of the Justice Department against Hunter Biden and other political figures.

During Sunday’s "Meet the Press," Sen. Tom Cotton engaged in a pointed exchange with fill-in host Peter Alexander. Cotton pressed Alexander on whether he would ask President Joe Biden to commit to not pardoning his son, Hunter Biden, after the November presidential election. Alexander did not directly respond to Cotton's inquiry.

Speculation About Hunter Biden's Pardon

Cotton speculated that President Biden might pardon his son following the election. The discussion included mentions of other Democrats facing legal issues, such as Robert Menendez and Henry Cuellar. Cotton emphasized the charges against Hunter Biden, whose trial for gun charges was set to begin the following day.

Under Joe Biden, Cotton argued that the Justice Department targets Democrats who are critical of Biden’s policies. Alexander brought up former President Trump's re-election campaign rhetoric about seeking revenge against political enemies and appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden and his family.

Heated Exchange Over DOJ Weaponization

Alexander challenged Cotton’s accusations of the Justice Department's weaponization against political figures. "So he’s weaponizing it against people that don’t like him?" Alexander asked. Cotton responded, claiming Hunter Biden is guilty of many crimes and suggesting President Biden would pardon his son after the election.

Alexander questioned why President Biden would weaponize the Justice Department against his own son if Cotton’s argument held. Cotton reiterated his belief that a pardon would come after the election. Alexander pressed Cotton on the propriety of Trump's campaign promise to use the DOJ against Biden.

Broader Context of Political Tensions

The conversation occurred amidst ongoing legal cases against prominent Democrats and Hunter Biden. Former President Trump’s re-election campaign is marked by his statements about retribution and investigating political opponents. The broader discussion reflected tensions over the perceived use of the Justice Department for political purposes by both parties.

Cotton cited Trump’s previous statements on not prosecuting political opponents post-election, despite his campaign rhetoric. Alexander pointed out Trump's earlier calls to "lock up" Hillary Clinton. Cotton defended Trump’s post-election stance, noting that prosecuting political opponents is not the American way.

Calls for Clarity and Accountability

Alexander asked Cotton if he supported Trump's promise to weaponize the DOJ against Joe Biden. Cotton avoided a direct answer, instead focusing on alleged misconduct by Hunter Biden. The discussion underscored the ongoing debate about the integrity and impartiality of the Justice Department.

Hunter Biden’s legal troubles and potential pardon became central to Cotton’s critique of the Biden administration. The interview highlighted concerns about the Justice Department's role in political disputes. Both sides accused each other of using the DOJ for political gain.


The exchange between Sen. Tom Cotton and Peter Alexander on NBC's "Meet the Press" spotlighted the contentious issue of political weaponization of the Justice Department. Cotton's speculation about a potential pardon for Hunter Biden and his broader accusations against the Biden administration sparked a heated discussion.

Alexander’s questions about the propriety of such actions and the implications for both political parties added depth to the conversation. This debate reflects the larger tensions and accusations surrounding the use of the Justice Department in political matters.

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