Why Trump Should Reconsider His VP Choice: The Case Against Doug Burgum

 April 22, 2024

Former President Donald Trump should consider removing North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum from his list of potential vice presidential candidates for multiple reasons.

According to Randy DeSoto of the Western Journal, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum is in the spotlight as whispers of his potential vice presidential candidacy with former President Donald Trump course through political circles. With the 2024 election on the horizon, such a decision carries opportunities and risks.

Governor Doug Burgum: A Political Enigma with Fluctuating Stances

Doug Burgum's political journey is marked by fluctuating positions on pivotal issues, casting shadows on his conservative commitment. Despite signing a six-week abortion ban into law last year, his earlier veto of the transgender sports ban in 2021, which was seen as a moderate move, displays his unpredictable political stance. In addition, he spoke out against his party's anti-LGBTQ resolution in 2020 and has occasionally prioritized economic and energy issues over deeper cultural engagements.

As the race heats, Burgum's conservative credentials, or lack thereof, are poised for thorough vetting. His views do not always align neatly with the traditional conservative base, which could be pivotal for a vice-presidential pick.

Moreover, some of Burgum's initiatives, like his push for carbon neutrality in North Dakota by 2030 without distancing from fossil fuels, draw a complex picture of his governance style.

Electoral Influence and Policy Decisions: Weighing Burgum's Viability

Despite his leadership roles, Doug Burgum's national electoral influence remains relatively low compared to other potential candidates. His brief presidential campaign saw him exiting early, failing to qualify for the third debate, demonstrating limited appeal beyond his state.

His tenure has seen notable decisions, such as the proposed yet controversial Chinese investment near a sensitive military base, highlighting his complex decision-making process. Initially supporting it as a "huge opportunity for North Dakota," he reversed his stance due to security concerns—an illustration of his cautious yet malleable approach to governance.

Burgum said, "As I’ve long said, all North Dakotans deserve to be treated equally and live free of discrimination." This statement reflects his occasional divergence from hardline conservative views, which might not resonate with the more orthodox elements of the Republican base.

Weighing the Trump-Burgum Alliance's Pros and Cons

Vice presidential picks are crucial, symbolically and strategically, offering voters a glimpse into the presidential candidate’s priorities and governance style. Choosing Burgum could signal Trump's willingness to incorporate diverse political views. However, it might also alienate the more traditional conservative voters expecting a candidate who consistently champions their core issues without vacillation.

Burgum's support for school choice yet vetoing a bill judged inadequate underscores his inclination towards impactful legislation. His cautious stance reflects a leader mindful of long-term impacts rather than short-term gains.

Contemplating his dynamic with Trump, a significant cue came when he expressed initial reluctance to associate with Trump in a business context, only to endorse him later. This duality captures the essence of political alliances—strategic yet sometimes contradictory.

Doug Burgum's political career has been a blend of conservative legislation and open defiance of certain GOP stances, making his potential VP candidature with Donald Trump a topic of intense debate and scrutiny. His mixed record on key conservative issues, occasional disassociation from Trump's brand, and modest electoral sway amplify the risks.

Concluding Thoughts

In summary, Governor Doug Burgum embodies a complex political figure whose potential vice-presidential candidacy under Donald Trump could both enrich and complicate the former president’s campaign. His varied stance on conservative issues and pragmatic approach to policy-making suggest that his selection could sway public opinion in unpredictable ways. As discussions unfold, all eyes will be on this developing political dynamic, highlighting the importance of aligning candidates for the highest electoral success.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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