White House Under Fire For Omitting Hunter Biden on Marine One

 December 20, 2023

Recent developments have cast a spotlight on White House transparency practices.

House Republicans are intensifying scrutiny over the White House's omission of Hunter Biden from Marine One's passenger list and other official records, raising concerns about transparency.

This controversy emerges amidst ongoing legal challenges faced by Hunter Biden, including a Congressional subpoena and financial crime allegations. Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich reported Hunter Biden's absence from the official Marine One passenger list despite his presence at the White House. Such exclusions have been consistent with Hunter Biden's visits, which have also been omitted from visitor logs.

Questions Over Transparency in White House Records

The House Republican Conference has questioned the White House's approach to Hunter Biden's visits. They are demanding clarity on why his name was left off official documents. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended this practice, stating that family members typically accompany the president and are not always announced.

A Fox News Digital investigation revealed that despite the Biden administration's claims of transparency, over a dozen of Hunter Biden's visits to the White House through February 2023 were not documented in visitor logs. This discovery contradicts the administration's public transparency stance.

A policy currently in place at the White House exempts the release of records relating to personal guests of the First and Second Families. This policy is less transparent than previous administrations, drawing criticism from various quarters.

Exploring the Background of Hunter Biden's Legal Troubles

Amidst this controversy, Hunter Biden faces serious legal challenges. He currently faces nine tax-related charges in California, with a potential maximum sentence of 17 years. His legal troubles extend to allegations of financial crimes and gun possession.

Jacqui Heinrich from Fox News highlighted the gravity of the situation. She pointed out Hunter Biden's defiance of a Congressional subpoena and the severity of the charges he faces.

"So, Hunter is apparently here at the White House after defying a Congressional subpoena while being indicted and facing a maximum of 17 years behind bars on financial crimes plus another 25 on the gun charges that he is facing."

Additionally, Fox News Digital reported on potential conflicts of interest, suggesting Hunter Biden may have used White House events for personal financial gain during the Obama administration. These allegations add another layer to the ongoing scrutiny.

Scrutiny of Hunter Biden's White House Activities

Aside from these controversies, Hunter Biden has been seen participating in various White House events. These include the annual egg roll, Medal of Freedom ceremony, France State Dinner, Christmas tree lighting, and his daughter’s wedding. His visibility at such events contrasts with his absence from official records.

The House GOP, via their Twitter account, raised further questions about the transparency of White House records. They inquired about other instances where Hunter Biden's name might have been omitted.

White House spokespersons have maintained their stance on the issue. They reiterated that personal guests of the First and Second Families are exempt from public disclosure, aligning with their policy statement.


The omission of Hunter Biden from official White House records has sparked a debate over transparency.

  • Hunter Biden's absence from Marine One's passenger list and visitor logs.
  • White House's policy on non-disclosure of personal guests' records.
  • House Republicans' demand for transparency and clarification.
  • Hunter Biden's legal challenges and potential conflicts of interest.
  • Comparison of current and previous administrations' transparency policies.

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