White House Sweeps Kamala Harris’s ‘Border Czar’ Failures Under The Rug

 December 17, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris's role as the 'Border Czar' is under scrutiny amid rising border crossings.

Despite significant investments in Central America, there is no substantial evidence of reduced illegal immigration.

Vice President Kamala Harris was appointed in March 2021 to tackle the root causes of migration from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. This significant role was part of the Biden administration's broader strategy to address migration issues at their source. However, recent data and reports suggest that the efforts have not yielded the expected results in curbing illegal migration.

Efforts Overshadowed by Rising Migration Numbers

The Biden administration has focused on enhancing economic opportunities in Central America, channeling over $3.2 billion into the region. This initiative aimed to create jobs and improve living conditions, reducing the incentive for people to migrate. An additional $956 million from the private sector was also mobilized to support these efforts.

However, despite these investments, no clear indicators show a decrease in unlawful migration. The fiscal year 2022 recorded over 2.2 million illegal border crossings, which has set an all-time high. This statistic raises questions about the effectiveness of the administration's approach to managing migration.

Harris's visit to Guatemala in June 2021 was marked by her statement to migrants, urging them not to come to the US. This visit was part of her efforts to address migration causes directly with the Central American nations involved.

Struggling to Address Root Causes

One of the key strategies of the White House, announced in February 2021, was to tackle issues such as corruption, economic instability, human rights violations, and crime in Central America. These factors are widely recognized as major drivers of migration. The administration planned to create a more stable and prosperous environment in these countries, which would, in turn, reduce the push factors for migration.

In April 2022, the White House reported that Harris had successfully leveraged $1.2 billion in private commitments to create jobs in Central America. This achievement was a significant step towards realizing the administration's regional goals.

Despite these efforts, monthly border encounters have continued to break records, with over 218,000 encounters in September alone. This continuous rise in illegal border crossings has put additional pressure on border security and raised concerns about the effectiveness of the current policies.

A Critical View of the Border Czar's Impact

Chris Clem, the former Chief Patrol Agent of the Yuma sector, has voiced his skepticism regarding the effectiveness of the administration's strategies. According to Clem, there is a lack of tangible metrics demonstrating that the root causes of migration have been adequately addressed. He also notes that the current data indicates no significant slowdown in irregular, unlawful migration.

"There’s no metrics that show that the root causes have been addressed or anything that indicates irregular unlawful migration has has slowed down. It did not resonate with the migrant population because they continue to come. I don’t think there’s been anything successful in regards to slowing down migrant flow and aiding border security since this administration took over."

Migrants have doubts about US policies' effectiveness in addressing the issues causing them to leave their home countries. This sentiment reflects a disconnect between the administration's efforts and the realities migrants face.

Disparity Between Efforts and Results

While the White House has highlighted the investments and commitments made under Harris's guidance, the continuing high numbers of illegal border crossings tell a different story. This disparity raises important questions about aligning the strategies with the actual needs and circumstances driving migration.

With record-breaking numbers of border encounters, the administration faces a significant challenge in demonstrating the impact of its efforts. The ongoing situation at the border serves as a continuous reminder of the complex nature of migration issues.

The situation is a complex interplay of policy, humanitarian concerns, and practical challenges. It underscores the need for multifaceted approaches that address both the immediate border security concerns and the deeper issues that compel people to leave their homes.


  • Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked in March 2021 to address migration from Central America.
  • The Biden administration has invested over $4 billion in the region, yet illegal immigration remains high.
  • Over 2.2 million illegal border crossings were recorded in fiscal year 2022, an all-time high.
  • Harris's efforts have not shown clear results in reducing unlawful migration, as highlighted by Chris Clem's remarks.
  • Monthly border encounters continue to break records, challenging the strategies' effectiveness.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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