White House Secretly Meeting With GOP To Squash Impeachment Inquiry

By Victor Winston, updated on December 11, 2023

House Democrats have initiated a strategic push to dissuade Republicans from proceeding with an impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

Efforts are underway to counter allegations that President Biden benefited from his son Hunter's foreign business dealings, with House Democrats and top Democrat Jamie Raskin at the forefront.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a senior Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, has been meeting informally with moderate Republicans. His objective is to persuade them against supporting the impeachment of President Biden. These meetings have reportedly involved discussions with a range of Republican members, from right-wing to more moderate factions.

Raskin's Behind-the-Scenes Efforts

Raskin’s approach has been described as a tactful effort to counter the arguments and evidence presented by the GOP in their investigation into Biden's alleged involvement in his son's foreign business affairs. Some Republicans have shown an openness to viewing the Biden administration's cooperation with the investigators in a new light.

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have planned to distribute fact sheets. These sheets aim to provide exculpatory evidence to Democrats and Republicans, thus quashing the impeachment inquiry. These fact sheets are centered around defending the cooperation received from banks and private citizens in the committee's investigation into the Biden family's business dealings.

One memo is under scrutiny for defending the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin. It argues that the firing was due to international pressure over corruption concerns rather than solely because of Biden's threats.

The FBI's Involvement and Allegations

Adding complexity to the situation, the FBI has an FD-1023 form alleging that Mykola Zlochevsky, Burisma CEO, claimed he was coerced into paying millions to the Bidens to get Shokin fired. This form adds a layer of controversy to the already complicated situation.

Republicans are also intensifying their demands for records that would substantiate claims of Joe Biden making interest-free loans to his brother, James Biden. These allegations are supported by two checks from James to Joe, labeled "loan repayments," dated 2017 and 2018.

The funds' trail becomes more intricate with the revelation that James Biden wired funds to Joe shortly after receiving a substantial amount from Hunter Biden. This followed a $5 million payment Hunter received from a Chinese company.

President Biden's Firm Denial

Amid these allegations, President Biden has firmly denied discussing Hunter's foreign business dealings or being involved in business with Hunter. His denial is unequivocal, stating that the accusations are baseless lies.

A senior House Democratic aide informed Fox News:

"These fact sheets are a hat in hand, fact-based appeal to House Republicans. Republicans may not be getting all of the facts from Mr. Comer, so we are making sure that they have the full picture as they decide whether to endorse this impeachment effort."

While Democrats are putting forth a concerted effort to provide a full picture to House Republicans, the GOP maintains its stance. Rep. James Comer, a Republican, has countered these efforts by stating that evidence gathered by the House Oversight Committee clearly shows Joe Biden's knowledge and involvement in his family's financial endeavors.

The Republican Perspective

Comer has emphasized the committee's commitment to following the facts and holding President Biden accountable for alleged corruption. This stance underscores the Republican party's dedication to pursuing what they believe to be a necessary investigation into the Biden family's business dealings.

The events surrounding these allegations are extensive, stretching from 2015 to the present day. It involves interactions between Burisma CEO Zlochevsky and confidential sources, pressures exerted by Joe Biden in Ukraine, and the complex flow of funds between members of the Biden family.

In August 2018, a significant transaction took place wherein Hunter Biden received a $5 million wire transfer from a Chinese company. This was followed by a series of financial transfers between Hunter, James, and Joe Biden.

Looking Towards the Future

Raskin's campaign to oppose Biden's impeachment is gaining traction. This movement highlights the significant political rift and the critical implications of the impeachment proceedings. Every new twist in this complicated affair contributes to the evolving political landscape. As additional details emerge, the public remains keenly attentive, anticipating the next development in this unfolding narrative.

  • House Democrats, led by Jamie Raskin, are making strategic efforts to prevent the impeachment of President Biden.
  • Fact sheets and memos are being used to counter GOP allegations about Biden's involvement in Hunter's foreign business affairs.
  • Republicans continue to demand evidence and are committed to pursuing their investigation into the Biden family's financial dealings.
  • The timeline of events and financial transactions involved in this case is extensive and complex.
  • President Biden has categorically denied any involvement or discussion regarding Hunter's foreign business dealings.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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