White House Consults Expert On Removing Netanyahu From Power

By Victor Winston, updated on March 10, 2024

Tensions between the United States and Israel are reaching a boiling point over the handling of the Gaza crisis.

According to the Daily Mail, the Biden administration is increasingly frustrated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's response to the conflict with Hamas, especially given the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza.

An Israel expert shared that the Biden administration questioned how Netanyahu's government could be potentially destabilized. Following a devastating terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7, President Joe Biden has not shied away from sharpening his critique against Netanyahu's military approach, particularly alarmed by the civilian death toll in Gaza surpassing 30,000 due to bombings and ground operations.

Biden openly criticized Israel's aggressive strategy and advocated for a halt in hostilities to aid starving civilians. This frustration was not hidden, with Biden's discontent becoming evident in both public and private spheres. Despite a longstanding relationship stretching back 50 years and strong support for Israel, Biden has reached a point of critical assessment of Netanyahu's leadership during this crisis.

Biden and Netanyahu: A Tested Alliance

"It is a red line, but I'm never going to leave Israel," Biden stated, confirming his continuing support for Israel yet acknowledging there are limits concerning the conduct of the ongoing conflict.

Vice President Kamala Harris echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of differentiating between the Israeli government's actions and the nation's people. These distinctions hint at potential flexibility in U.S. policy depending on Israel's future decisions.

Biden proposed a six-week ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid, signaling that such a move could pave the way for broader recognition of Israel by Arab states and kickstart regional rebuilding efforts. This proposition compared the situation in Gaza with previous American military engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan, suggesting an imperative to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Refugees International released a stark report last Thursday, shedding light on the "apocalyptic" conditions within Gaza. "After five months of war, Palestinians are struggling to find adequate food, water, shelter, and basic medicine. Famine-level hunger is already widespread and worsening," the report detailed.

This grim picture is underscored by personal stories, such as that of 10-year-old Yezen Al-Kfarna, who, like many, faces starvation amidst the conflict.

The alarming civilian casualty count and the severe disruption of basic human necessities have propelled the Biden administration to announce the provision of humanitarian assistance to Gaza via sea. Amid these efforts, the United Nations has warned against the dire consequences of any further military escalation, particularly an invasion of Rafah, where many Gazans have sought refuge.

A Call for Change Amidst Crisis

The White House has not seen eye-to-eye with Netanyahu on several fronts, including the treatment of Gaza post-war and the broader peace process with Palestine. Biden's urging to reassess Netanyahu's strategy highlights a critical juncture in U.S.-Israel relations, with the potential for significant political and humanitarian implications.

In conclusion, the Biden administration's growing frustration with Benjamin Netanyahu over the handling of the Gaza crisis underscores a critical moment in U.S.-Israel relations. While Biden reaffirms unwavering support for Israel, he also signals red lines regarding the ongoing conflict's conduct and its humanitarian toll.

Amidst stark warnings of a further humanitarian crisis and discussions on Netanyahu's future leadership, both leadership and diplomacy are tested in the face of unfolding tragedy.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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