Whistleblowers Lawyers Says President Helped Son

 December 15, 2023

In a dramatic turn of events, Hunter Biden vocally contested a congressional subpoena outside the Capitol.

Hunter Biden's public defiance of a subpoena and the role of President Joe Biden might fuel an ongoing impeachment inquiry.

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has recently come under intense scrutiny, finding himself at the epicenter of a congressional investigation concerning his business affairs. The Oversight Chairman, James Comer, is the figure behind issuing the subpoena that Hunter is contesting. A speech delivered by Hunter outside the halls of Congress marked his protest against the legal directive, indicating a brewing storm in the political landscape.

Congressional Testimony Met With Resistance

Jason Foster, the founder of 'Empower Oversight' Whistleblower Center, added a complex dimension to the story. He doubts the Department of Justice's readiness to respond to potential contempt of Congress charges against Hunter Biden. Foster's skepticism is rooted in a belief of bias within the Department of Justice, particularly due to the involvement of the current President.

The situation for the Biden administration intensified with Foster disclosing a conversation between President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Based on the press secretary's statements, it was revealed that the president had talked about contesting the subpoena with Hunter. This disclosure has placed President Biden at the center of the controversy.

The exposure of this conversation has sparked significant concerns. It raises critical questions about the President's potential role in interfering with congressional processes. This development casts a new light on the ongoing situation, increasing the scrutiny on the Biden administration's actions.

Impeachment Inquiry Gains New Ground

Foster's commentary went so far as to suggest that the President's involvement could be a legitimate cause for an impeachment inquiry. His statement underscored the gravity of the situation:

"The fact that his father [President Joe Biden] was apparently, according to the Press Secretary, was speaking to him about his plan to defy the congressional subpoena, this now is a legitimate issue for the impeachment inquiry about whether or not [Joe Biden] was a party to a plan to obstruct Congress and has now become a valid legitimate question for the impeachment inquiry."

The Department of Justice finds itself in a precarious position, as its potential response to a Congressional contempt order remains uncertain. The ongoing impeachment inquiry could be significantly impacted by these new allegations of obstruction. The political theater seems set for a showdown that could have lasting implications for the Biden administration.

A Family Affair with National Repercussions

While the specifics of Hunter Biden's business dealings are yet to be fully disclosed, the focus has shifted significantly toward the actions of the President. If the impeachment inquiry considers the President's purported advice to his son, the narrative could shift from one of individual misconduct to one that envelops the White House in a constitutional crisis. This shift carries the potential to redefine the Biden presidency and reshape the political discourse in Washington.

The story of a father and son has thus transcended the personal, touching the very heart of American governance and the rule of law. The coming days promise to bring more clarity as the Department of Justice and Congress maneuver through a thicket of legal and ethical questions. All eyes are now on the unfolding drama that could write a new chapter in American political history.


  • Hunter Biden's overt challenge to a congressional subpoena.
  • Oversight Chairman James Comer's role in issuing the subpoena.
  • Jason Foster's skepticism about the Department of Justice's enforcement of contempt orders.
  • Allegations of the President's involvement in Hunter Biden's defiance of the subpoena.
  • The potential impact of these events on an ongoing impeachment inquiry.

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