‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Flub Goes Viral After Contestant’s Risque Guess

 May 25, 2024

A moment of unexpected hilarity gripped the audience of "Wheel of Fortune" when contestant Tavaris gave an amusingly mistaken guess to a puzzle.

Breitbart reported that during a recent episode, Tavaris mistakenly guessed "Right in the butt" for a puzzle whose correct answer was "This is the best."

The episode aired Thursday night, and we saw a misinterpretation that left viewers in the studio and online stitches. The puzzle presented, a segment of four blank spaces followed by words "_ _ _ _N T_E _ _ _T," was hilariously misjudged by Tavaris as he confidently blurted out "Right in the butt" to host Pat Sajak's dismay, who could only respond with a firm "No…".

Amid Laughter, Pat Sajak Handles The Misstep

Tavaris's faux pas was met with a simple rebuttal by Sajak and with immediate laughter and audible surprise from fellow contestant Tyra, who exclaimed, "What?" This marked a memorable start to the game, as social media users later highlighted.

Another contender on the show, Blake, eventually solved the puzzle correctly with "This is the best," bringing a conclusion to a round that was destined to be memorable not for the win but for the slip-up.

Unexpected Viral Sensation Before Host's Retirement

The incident swiftly captured the attention of millions online. A recording of the misguess exploded in popularity on social boisterous platforms, amassing over 6.4 million views. Commentators had a field day with the event, as one pointed out the apparent error in letter count, humorously adding that "Tavaris had booty on his mind," referring to his mismatched answer.

By Pat Sajak: No... Mind you, this was the first answer of the game. Right is five letters - man has a booty on his mind.

The buzz surrounding the episode came just weeks before legendary host Pat Sajak is set to retire. Sajak, who has been at the helm for 43 years, will depart after his final show on June 7. He will be succeeded by the well-known television personality Ryan Seacast starting this fall.

New Hosting Era Just Around The Corner

The viral moment thus serves as an unplanned yet vibrant part of the show's long history under Sajak's guidance. As the show prepares for a transition to new leadership, memorable moments like these remind its viewers of the spontaneous nature and charm that "Wheel of Fortune" has continually offered.

This episode will likely remain a topic of mention and laughter for long-time fans and newcomers who caught the moment online. It epitomizes the unexpected turns and joys that live television can bring into the living rooms of millions. As June approaches, the audience and Sajak himself are reminded of the inclusive joy the show fosters, making his impending retirement all the more significant in the lore of television game shows.

Pat Sajak's Long Legacy Remembered Through Viral Hits

As Sajak prepares to step down, his tenure is now punctuated not just by the orchestrated spins of the wheel but also by spontaneous viral phenomena— a testament to the cultural footprint "Wheel of Fortune" has maintained through decades.

In summary, the unexpected guess by Tavaris became a surprising source of entertainment, drawing millions of viewers and sparking a plethora of online discussions and memes. This event, occurring close to Pat Sajak's retirement, highlights the enduring appeal and unpredictability of "Wheel of Fortune." Pat Sajak's era may be concluding, but his legacy will continue to spin tales and drawings laughs.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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