Voters Tell NY Times They Are Hesitant to Vote Biden in 2024

 November 25, 2023

In a revealing insight into the current political climate, Black voters have expressed significant hesitations about re-electing President Biden in 2024. This sentiment, captured in a series of interviews and a recent poll, paints a complex picture of the evolving political loyalties within the Black community in the United States.

A New York Times/Siena College poll has revealed a notable shift in political preferences among Black voters, with 22% indicating they would support Trump over Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup, a significant increase from the 8% Trump received in 2020.

The interviews, conducted by the Times over the Thanksgiving holiday, shed light on the various reasons behind this shift. Interviewees expressed concerns about Biden's age and a sense of unfulfilled promises, particularly those made to the Black community. The disillusionment is not limited to Biden; some also reflected on former President Obama's tenure, feeling that more could have been done for Black Americans.

Disillusionment with Political Promises

One interviewee articulated a profound sense of disappointment with Obama's presidency, feeling that despite high expectations, the needs of the Black community remained unaddressed. This sentiment echoes across many who feel let down by the political system.

Another point of contention for these voters is the perceived focus on Trump's negatives while overlooking Biden's shortcomings. Criticisms of Biden's policies, particularly those resulting in high rates of Black incarceration, were highlighted.

"I’ve been let down by Obama. Do you hear me? I feel as though he could have done more for us. I feel as though – specifically Chicagomans, that’s where he comes from. After seeing you know, Trump and all that he did, it’s like, ‘Man, Obama, you could’ve did the same thing! You could’ve been robed too before your people! They lost faith in the political system."

A Shift Towards Republican Ideals?

Interestingly, some Black voters gravitate toward the Republican message of financial independence and self-reliance. This shift indicates a possible realignment of political affiliations driven by economic considerations and a desire for autonomy.

Additionally, the notion that the Democratic Party may have neglected the concerns of Black males was raised. This perceived oversight could be a factor in the shifting political landscape.

However, not all are swayed by either party. One guest expressed a likelihood of abstaining from voting in 2024, dissatisfied with both Biden and Trump as candidates. This sentiment of disillusionment and detachment from the political process was not uncommon among the interviewees.

Political Realignment and Future Implications

This emerging trend poses significant implications for the Democratic Party, which traditionally relied on Black voters' support. The erosion of this support base could substantially impact the 2024 presidential election.

The shift in political allegiance among Black voters, particularly men, suggests reevaluating party policies and strategies. It also reflects broader societal changes and evolving political leadership and accountability perspectives.

These findings underscore the dynamic and ever-changing nature of political affiliations in the United States, highlighting the need for parties to remain responsive and attuned to the concerns of their constituents.


In conclusion, the recent interviews and poll data present a nuanced picture of Black voter sentiment toward the Democratic Party and its leaders.

Key takeaways include:

  • A New York Times/Siena College poll indicates 22% of Black voters favor Trump over Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup.
  • Concerns over Biden's age and unfulfilled promises contribute to hesitations among Black voters.
  • Disillusionment with Obama's presidency and a perceived lack of advocacy for Black Americans is prevalent.
  • Some Black voters express interest in Republican ideals of financial independence and self-reliance.
  • The increase in Black support for Republican candidates could significantly impact future elections.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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