Vice President's Comments on Women's College Basketball Spark Discussion

 April 6, 2024

In a recent interview gone awry, Vice President Kamala Harris walked into a whirlwind of controversy over her remarks concerning the history of women's college basketball.

Harris inaccurately claimed during an interview that women's college basketball teams were excluded from having tournament brackets until 2022, a statement that has since been widely criticized and fact-checked for its inaccuracies.

According to the Western Journal, the Vice President spoke with Tim Boyum of Spectrum News in Charlotte, North Carolina, sharing her thoughts on the supposed historical exclusion of women's basketball teams from having tournament brackets.

Do you know? Okay, a bit of a history lesson. Do you know that women were not — the women’s teams — were not allowed to have brackets until 2022? Think about that. And what — that — talk about progress, you know? Better late than never, but progress.

Harris's assertion quickly attracted attention for its inaccuracy, as women's college basketball has been utilizing brackets for tournament play long before 2022.

Clay Travis Critiques VP Harris's Sports Comment Amid Public Backlash

Sportswriter and analyst Clay Travis of Outkick labeled the Vice President's statement as exceptionally uninformed about the sports world. Travis took to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to express his disbelief at Harris's remarks.

I can’t even think of what she could be trying to say here. That is, this is so dumb I can’t even think of what they can claim she was misspeaking about. I also love the reporter nodding along. No pushback at all. How can even he be this dumb?”

This assertion sparked bemusement and intense scrutiny as it misrepresented the history of women's college basketball.

Following the backlash, her office attempted to clarify the Vice President's comments. They explained Harris meant to highlight the recent extension of the "March Madness" copyright to encompass NCAA women’s basketball in 2022, not the establishment of tournament brackets.

Clarification Attempts and Continued Scrutiny

Despite the attempt at clarification, criticism did not subside. Even Mediaite, an online media outlet, critiqued Harris's remarks as both patronizing and factually incorrect, indicating the gravity of the misstep in public communication.

The incident reminds us of the importance of accuracy in public statements, especially when discussing the history and achievements of women in sports.

Vice President Kamala Harris's erroneous comments about women's college basketball have led to a notable public backlash, drawing criticism from sports analysts and the media. Harris incorrectly claimed that women's teams were excluded from having tournament brackets until 2022, a statement that has been widely debunked.

Despite her office's attempts at clarification, stating that the Vice President intended to reference the 2022 copyright extension of “March Madness” to include women's basketball, the initial remarks have stirred debates on portraying and recognizing women's sports history. The incident underscores the ongoing dialogue about progress and representation in sports, reminding us of the importance of factual accuracy in public discourse.

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