Van Hollen Calls on Biden to Pressure Netanyahu Over Gaza Crisis

By Victor Winston, updated on March 31, 2024

In an assertive move, Senator Chris Van Hollen has urged President Joe Biden to intensify pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the Palestinian situation and Gaza's humanitarian crisis.

According to Axios News, Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) has openly requested President Joe Biden to apply more pressure on the Israeli government to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The request shines a light on the escalating tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, underscoring the critical humanitarian situation that has emerged in the Gaza Strip.

Addressing the fraught dynamic, Sen. Van Hollen criticized the ongoing U.S. policy of sending military aid to Israel without sufficient assurances that humanitarian aid is reaching Gaza and that all actions are compliant with international law. This stance is amplified by the United Nations' dire warnings of looming famine in Gaza, painting a bleak picture of the current state of affairs.

The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Calls for Immediate Action

"I'm just saying to President Biden, you said 'no excuses' when it comes to getting humanitarian aid into Gaza. Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to drag his feet," Sen. Chris Van Hollen articulated, highlighting the frustrations with the current Israeli administration.

In response to the intensifying situation, President Biden had earlier this month announced intentions to airdrop aid into Gaza, in addition to insisting that Israel allow greater access for humanitarian aid trucks. This development followed pressure from the International Court of Justice, which called for Israel to allow unhindered access to humanitarian aid in Gaza.

Despite these efforts, the U.S. has continued to authorize the transfer of military assets to Israel, sparking debates about the alignment of U.S. aid with international law requirements.

Expressing a widespread sentiment of urgency and concern, Sen. Van Hollen lamented:

We have a situation where the Netanyahu government continues to rebuff the president of the United States time and time again, ignoring reasonable requests. And what do we do? We say we're going to send more bombs.

Balancing Military Support with Humanitarian Concerns

Representative Jim Clyburn emphasized the administration's use of leverage in defense of President Biden's strategy, advocating for the president's efforts despite mounting domestic and international scrutiny.

The ongoing discussions reflect a polarized landscape, where the commitment to Israel's security interests often collides with pressing humanitarian imperatives.

As criticism and support for the U.S. stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict continue to evolve, the White House has remained silent on Sen. Van Hollen's recent call to action. This silence indicates the complex, multifaceted challenges facing U.S. foreign policy in the region as it seeks to reconcile security commitments with humanitarian and legal obligations.


Sen. Chris Van Hollen's appeal to President Biden underscores a critical moment in U.S.-Israel relations, highlighting the urgent need to address Gaza's humanitarian crisis while navigating the delicate dynamics of international diplomacy and legal obligations.

The story of Gaza's hardship and the international response continues to unfold, reflecting broader debates on human rights, international law, and the role of global powers in conflict resolution.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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