Utah Mayor Trent Staggs Celebrates Endorsement From Donald Trump

 May 13, 2024

In a significant political development, Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs has received a nod from former President Donald Trump for his U.S. Senate campaign.

According to an exclusive report from Breitbart News, Utah Senate candidate Trent Staggs said receiving an endorsement from former President Donald Trump is "incredible."

Staggs, currently serving his sixth year as mayor, has declared his candidacy for the Senate seat presently held by Senator Mitt Romney. This endorsement comes as Staggs emphasizes his dedication to American energy, military and veteran support, and the Second Amendment.

Former President Trump lauded Staggs as a “100% MAGA” supporter, praising his achievements in economic development, job creation, and border security. “A Highly Successful Entrepreneur who has served brilliantly as Mayor of Riverton for the past six years, Trent knows how to Create Jobs, Stop Inflation, Grow the Economy, and Secure the Border,” Trump stated.

Mayor Staggs Critiques Romney While Celebrating Trump's Support

Staggs has openly criticized Romney, accusing him of failing to effectively represent Utah and consistently opposing Trump.

According to Staggs, his endorsement of Trump and alignment with other America-first senators are crucial for advancing their shared agenda:

It’s just incredible. I mean, huge. It’s something that I’ve been seeking for some time. You know, I came out and endorsed President Trump last summer just right near the beginning of my candidacy.

Staggs’s endorsement by Trump at the state convention proved a game changer, as he secured 70% of the delegate vote—a record in open Senate convention races in Utah.

This victory underscores his strong support among the state's delegates, setting a robust foundation for his primary campaign. Staggs believes the endorsement resonates deeply with Utah’s electorate, who favor Trump’s policies and leadership style.

The Challenge Ahead: Primary Election and Establishment Opposition

Staggs faces several challengers in the upcoming primary, with Utah's unique electoral system not requiring a runoff. He has positioned himself against what he describes as the political establishment, which he claims supports his opponents through lobbyists and PACs.

“They don’t want me in there. That’s why they got these other establishment creatures that they want to put in the seat and have them replace Mitt Romney,” said Staggs.

With his background in politics and business, Staggs seeks to communicate a message of change and dedication to the interests of the American people. He emphasizes the necessity of financial resources to further his campaign, highlighting the practical aspects of running for office.

Conclusion: Staggs’s Vision for Utah and America

Trent Staggs’s campaign for the U.S. Senate is gaining momentum with the backing of former President Donald Trump. His platform focuses on strengthening American energy, supporting the military and veterans, and protecting the Second Amendment. Staggs criticizes incumbent Senator Mitt Romney for not aligning with these values and his opposition to Trump.

With strong support demonstrated at the state convention and a commitment to the America-first agenda, Staggs is positioning himself as a significant contender in the primary election. His challenge now is to convert this early support into a win in the primaries, overcoming opposition from establishment-backed candidates.

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