US Ships Fired On By Iran-Backed Houthi Militia

 December 24, 2023

Yemen's Houthi rebels launched a bold attack on international shipping lanes in the Red Sea on Saturday, firing two ballistic missiles. This audacious act targeted several oil tankers, escalating regional tensions significantly.

The incident, involving the Houthis firing missiles and a drone at shipping vessels, marks a significant uptick in Red Sea hostilities.

The U.S. Central Command confirmed the attacks, highlighting the heightened risk to commercial shipping in the region. The Norwegian tanker M/V Blaamanen narrowly escaped a drone strike, while the Gabon-owned Indian tanker M/V Saibaba reported a hit. Fortunately, there were no casualties in these incidents, but the psychological impact on the maritime community is palpable.

Oil Market Reacts to Red Sea Crisis

Due to these attacks, several shipping companies have temporarily suspended their operations in the Red Sea. This disruption has had an immediate impact on global oil markets, with prices surging by over 2% following the announcement that BP, one of the world's leading oil companies, has suspended its operations in the area.

This escalation comes amidst ongoing tensions in the Middle East, particularly between Iran and Israel. The White House has openly accused Iran of supplying the Houthis with drones, missiles, and intelligence, pointing to a broader regional conflict. Iran, however, has categorically denied any involvement in the Houthi attacks.

White House national security spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said:

"We know that Iran was deeply involved in planning the operations against commercial vessels in the Red Sea. This is consistent with Iran’s long-term materiel support and encouragement of the Houthis’ destabilizing actions in the region."

Iran and the Mediterranean Threat

Amidst the ongoing crisis, Iran has issued a separate threat to close the Mediterranean in response to the situation in Gaza, where the death toll has surpassed 20,000. This move is seen as an escalation of its ongoing confrontation with the United States and Israel, whom Iran accuses of war crimes in Gaza.

The United States, meanwhile, has continued to express its unwavering support for Israel. The U.S. has also advised Israel to limit civilian casualties in Gaza, where the conflict with Hamas has resulted in a staggering number of deaths.

In light of the recent events, the U.S. is considering establishing a naval task force to escort commercial vessels through the Red Sea. This proposal aims to safeguard vital shipping lanes and deter further attacks.

International Response and Future Implications

Internationally, the response to these developments has been one of heightened alert and concern. The prospect of an increased U.S. military presence in the Red Sea through a naval task force underscores the seriousness with which the U.S. is approaching the situation.

The White House's accusations against Iran, tying them to the Houthi attacks, have added another dimension to the conflict. This claim, although denied by Iran, points to a larger proxy war in the Middle East, with repercussions that could extend far beyond the region.

As tensions in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean continue to escalate, the international community remains on edge. The situation poses significant challenges for global security, trade, and diplomacy.


  • Yemen's Houthi rebels fired missiles at ships in the Red Sea, targeting several oil tankers.
  • The U.S. Central Command confirmed the attacks; no injuries were reported.
  • Shipping companies have suspended Red Sea operations, causing oil prices to rise.
  • The White House accuses Iran of supporting the Houthis; Iran denies involvement.
  • The U.S. is considering establishing a naval task force in the Red Sea.
  • Iran threatens to close the Mediterranean over the Gaza conflict.
  • The U.S. supports Israel's right to defend itself amid the rising Gaza death toll.

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Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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