US Army Veteran Swept Away While Saving Family Off Phuket Beach

 June 10, 2024

A tragic event unfolded on Nai Harn Beach, Phuket, as James Everett du Bois, a 49-year-old US Army veteran, was swept away by a strong current while attempting to rescue his wife and son from drowning.

Du Bois heroically jumped into action when his family was caught by the ocean's powerful grip during a beach outing gone awry, Daily Mail Online reported.

At approximately 4:50 PM, a sudden and intense current trapped James Everett du Bois, his wife, Siriarmorn Phetarwut, and their three-year-old son, Boonpat, while enjoying the beach. Fortunately, nearby lifeguards promptly rescued Boonpat, and Siriarmorn managed to return to shore alone.

Community Rallies Around Family After Tragic Accident

The search for Du Bois was a frantic race against time as conditions worsened. Rescuers faced poor visibility and strong winds, forcing a suspension of the search at 8:10 PM. The following day, they resumed efforts and employed additional resources, including boats and drones, to comb the surrounding areas.

The incident occurred under controversial circumstances. Locals expressed concern over the beach's safety precautions, pointing out that despite the hazardous conditions that day, there was no red flag warning, only a yellow caution flag.

Rawai Mayor Arun Soros provided an update on the situation and expressed his concerns about the possibility of Du Bois's survival. "The wife and boy are now safe, but the American man is still missing. We are continuing to search for the man, but we believe he has drowned," said Mayor Soros.

James Everett du Bois: A Life Devoted to Family and Service

Before relocating to Rawai, near Nai Harn Beach, Du Bois served as a US Army Supply Specialist.

Following his military career, he began missionary work in Belize, settling in Thailand with his family. James was not one to shy away from discussing the joys of fatherhood, often sharing heartfelt messages on social media about his children.

James Everett du Bois once expressed the depth of his paternal love online: "My son is my joy, my pride, my motivation, my best friend, my life!" and "I can't imagine a life without my son! He makes every day worth living."

James was also a doting father to his older daughter despite the distance. "Although we are far apart, I love you and miss you dearly," he once wrote.

Questions Loom Over Beach Safety Measures

Mayor Arun Soros criticized safety measures at the beach, questioning the adequacy of warnings for swimmers: "Why did no one fly a red flag at the beach despite the dangerous conditions?" This controversy highlights the difficulties of managing beach safety, especially during the monsoon season, which brings unpredictable, often treacherous, weather to Thailand's shores.

The tragic circumstances of James Everett du Bois's attempt to save his family highlight not only his bravery but also the dangerous nature of Nai Harn Beach during monsoon season. The search efforts show the community's determination, yet the outcome remains uncertain.

In summary, we honor James Everett du Bois, a dedicated father and husband, for his brave but tragic attempt to rescue his family from a dangerous situation. The community continues to rally support while questions linger over the adequacy of safety measures that might have prevented this heartrending event.

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