U.S. Military Halts Operations On Damaged Gaza Pier Amid Repairs

 May 29, 2024

The U.S. Department of Defense has suspended operations at a $320 million pier in Gaza due to severe structural damage.

According to Daily Wire, the pier, built under the Biden administration, will be relocated to Israel for repairs following complications, including adverse weather and structural failures.

The announcement came as a blow to ongoing humanitarian efforts in the region, with the damaged pier rendering aid delivery impossible. The Pentagon’s deputy press secretary, Sabrina Singh, disclosed that high sea states combined with a North African weather system caused the pier to partially sink. The pier will be moved to Israel for a week-long repair process.

Severe Damage Disrupts Humanitarian Efforts

Singh highlighted the complications, noting that sections of the pier need rebuilding and repair. The pier was operational for just a week, during which only 820 tons of aid were offloaded. A significant portion of this aid was hijacked and stolen, further hampering relief efforts.

A video surfaced showing the pier sinking, with audible laughter and commentary in Hebrew about the situation. Despite these setbacks, efforts are underway to recover stranded U.S. military vessels near the pier.

U.S. Military Vessels Stranded and Recovered

Two U.S. military vessels were left stranded near the damaged pier in Gaza, while two others ended up on Israeli beaches near Ashkelon.

The U.S. Central Command said:

Efforts to recover the vessels are under way with assistance from the Israeli Navy. The IDF is supporting the recovery efforts near the pier. No U.S. personnel will enter Gaza. No injuries have been reported and the pier remains fully functional.

Most U.S. military personnel remained on their vessels during the incident. The Israeli Navy is expected to push these vessels back into operational status within 24 to 48 hours. The Pentagon assured that the pier remains fully functional despite the damage.

Injuries and Aid Delivery Challenges

Three U.S. service members sustained injuries last week, one critically, due to a non-combat-related injury aboard the USNS Benavidez during the humanitarian aid mission. The injured service member was transported to a medical facility and is currently in critical condition. The incident has drawn attention to the precarious nature of aid missions in conflict zones.

Sabrina Singh emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating: The pier's failure was attributed to a perfect storm of high sea states and a North African weather system arriving simultaneously.

The initial deployment involved a thousand U.S. service members operationalizing the pier, which had been a focal point for humanitarian aid delivery to Gaza.


The collapse of the $320 million pier in Gaza has posed significant challenges to the U.S. Department of Defense's humanitarian mission. With severe damage caused by adverse weather and structural issues, the pier is now being transported to Israel for repairs. Recovery efforts for stranded vessels are ongoing, supported by the Israeli Navy and IDF.

Despite these setbacks, no injuries have been reported from the pier's collapse, though three service members were injured in related incidents. The situation underscores the difficulties faced in delivering aid in conflict zones, highlighting the importance of robust infrastructure and coordinated efforts.

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