Tulsi Gabbard ‘Open’ To Being Trump’s VP

 March 3, 2024

In a bold move that has caught the attention of many, former Representative Tulsi Gabbard expressed her willingness to consider a vice-presidential candidacy. During a recent appearance on "Jesse Watters Primetime" on Fox News Channel, Gabbard entertained the idea of running for vice president, emphasizing her dedication to serving the country and addressing its myriad problems.

Tulsi Gabbard, whose career has been marked by an unwavering commitment to public service, made headlines with her openness to a vice-presidential run. This came to light during a candid conversation with Jesse Watters, a renowned host on Fox News. Watters, curious about Gabbard's political ambitions, prodded her about her interest in the vice-presidential slot. "Tulsi, you’re being considered for a VP slot. Is that something you’re open to?" he inquired.

The response from Gabbard was affirmative and reflective of her longstanding mission. She articulated her motivation clearly and concisely, highlighting her eagerness to tackle the nation's challenges head-on. Gabbard's statement resonated with many who have followed her career, recognizing her as a figure of pragmatic problem-solving and deep patriotism.

A Response That Strikes a Chord

In her reply to Watters, Gabbard stated, "I would be open to that. My mission is to serve our country. I want to be in a position to solve problems, Jesse, and we’ve got a lot of them to solve."

This statement underscores her readiness to assume a role that could enable her to contribute more significantly to national issues. Gabbard's words reflect a genuine desire to make a difference, a trait that has characterized much of her public service career.

The possibility of Gabbard considering a vice-presidential candidacy has sparked discussions across political circles. Her stance indicates a willingness to bridge divides and work collaboratively towards common goals, a need that many feel is more pressing than ever in today’s complex political landscape.

Gabbard's Potential Candidacy: What It Means for America

Gabbard's political journey has been emblematic of her independent spirit and her dedication to the American people. Known for her critical stance on foreign interventions and her efforts to promote a more unifying approach to politics, Gabbard's potential interest in the vice presidency signals a fresh perspective on leadership and governance.

The significance of Gabbard's openness to a vice-presidential run cannot be overstated. It represents a willingness among political figures to explore new avenues for leadership, transcending traditional party lines in the process.

Gabbard's approach to governance, focusing on problem-solving and bipartisanship, may offer a blueprint for future leaders who seek to navigate the complexities of America's political sphere with integrity and purpose.


In sum, former Representative Tulsi Gabbard's contemplation of a vice-presidential candidacy underscores her commitment to public service and problem-solving.

Her appearance on Fox News and the consequent discussion with Jesse Watters has illuminated her potential path forward in American politics.

As Gabbard evaluates her future, her focus remains on serving the country and addressing the pressing issues that face the nation.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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