Tucker Carlson Announces Next Business Venture

 December 9, 2023

In a bold move marking his return to the media spotlight, Tucker Carlson, the former host of Fox News's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," has unveiled his latest endeavor: TuckerCarlson.com. This subscription-based news site promises exclusive content directly from Carlson himself.

TuckerCarlson.com, announced on December 9, 2023, is the newest venture of the once highest-rated Fox News host.

After parting ways with Fox News in April 2023, Carlson has engaged his audience through interviews and monologues on an undisclosed X. The launch of this new website is a significant step in Carlson's post-Fox career.

Exclusive Content on TuckerCarlson.com

The website's main page encourages visitors to become part of "Team Tucker" as "Founding Members," indicating the site's exclusivity and focus on community building among its audience. Subscribers can anticipate unique insights and content that Carlson has been curating since he departed from Fox News.

TuckerCarlson.com is a part of a larger upcoming venture, as hinted by Carlson. This suggests that the site could be the beginning of a series of media initiatives led by the former TV host.

Carlson's popularity and influence were evident during his tenure at Fox News, where "Tucker Carlson Tonight" consistently achieved high ratings. His ability to attract a large audience is expected to be a significant driver for his new website's success.

A Glimpse into Carlson's Post-Fox Journey

Since his exit from Fox News, Carlson has been actively creating content. His 'X' series has featured notable guests such as Donald Trump, Ken Paxton, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Candace Owens, indicating his continued relevance and connections within conservative circles.

As of December 7, 46 episodes of his 'X' series have been released, showcasing Carlson's persistent engagement with current affairs and political commentary. This series has acted as a precursor to the larger-scale launch of TuckerCarlson.com.

Carlson's venture into independent media through TuckerCarlson.com reflects a growing trend among prominent media figures who seek to establish their platforms free from the constraints of traditional media outlets.

Carlson's Vision for the Future

Speaking about his new venture, Carlson expressed both his excitement and vision for the site. In his launch video, he mentioned:

"Hey, it’s Tucker Carlson. We’ve been out of work for 7 or 8 months now, hard to know. Time flies when you’re unemployed, but actually we have been working in secret and producing an awful lot of material for months now, interviews, etc. And all of it has found its way to TuckerCarlson.com."

Carlson's statement in the launch video emphasizes his commitment to this new project and suggests a wealth of content already in store for subscribers.

Anticipation and Expectations for the Site

Subscribers and followers of Carlson eagerly anticipate the unique content and insights that TuckerCarlson.com promises. The site's success will largely depend on Carlson's ability to transfer his television audience to this new digital platform.

Given Carlson's track record and the teased content, expectations are high for TuckerCarlson.com. The site will likely become a significant player in the landscape of conservative media and political commentary.

  • Tucker Carlson, formerly of Fox News, launched TuckerCarlson.com, a subscription-based news site.
  • The site features exclusive content, indicating Carlson's continued engagement in political commentary and journalism.
  • Carlson has hinted at a larger upcoming venture, making TuckerCarlson.com potentially the first step in a broader media initiative.
  • Carlson's move reflects a trend among media personalities toward establishing independent platforms.

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