Tuberville Says Lloyd Austin Should Be Fired

 January 10, 2024

In a striking turn of events, Senator Tommy Tuberville has issued a bold statement.

Senator Tommy Tuberville lambasted Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for not informing President Joe Biden about his hospitalization, suggesting a breach of protocol and respect.

Tuberville's comments came during an appearance on Newsmax TV's "Rob Schmitt Tonight," where he did not mince words about his feelings regarding the Secretary's recent surgery and subsequent hospitalization. The Senator from Alabama was resolute in his position, pointing out what he perceives as a significant oversight in communication within the highest government ranks.

Senator's Critique Reveals Deeper Issues

Senator Tuberville underscored the severity of Austin's failure to notify the President. He framed it as a lapse in communication and a potential threat to national security. "It’s outrageous that the head of the largest military in history has been hospitalized for a week, and he didn’t tell anybody," Tuberville expressed, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

The senator suggested that such an oversight could indicate a lack of respect for President Biden's authority. "You know what that tells me? There’s no respect for Joe Biden being the President of the United States," Tuberville stated, pointing to a deeper issue of hierarchical discord.

This incident has been juxtaposed against ongoing debates over military promotions and broader political issues. Tuberville has been at the center of controversy for blocking group votes on military promotions, an action he has linked to issues surrounding abortion rights. This has led to significant tension between the legislative and executive branches.

A Clash Over Military Readiness

Senator Tuberville did not hesitate to discuss how these events relate to the nation's military readiness. He defended his actions in holding military promotions, suggesting that his concerns were valid and rooted in substantial issues. "These people just spent months lecturing me about acting officials, these promotions I’ve been holding for abortion," he defended.

In his discourse, Tuberville equated the lack of communication from Austin to being "AWOL" - absent without leave - from his duties. "This puts us in danger. Thank God our enemies didn’t take advantage of it," Tuberville asserted, hinting at the potential risks.

The Senator wrapped up his critique by placing the ultimate responsibility on President Biden's shoulders. In a stark assessment of the situation, he suggested that Austin's lack of communication should have warranted dismissal. "At the end of the day, this is Joe Biden’s responsibility. He should have been fired," he concluded.

Tuberville's Call for Accountability

Senator Tuberville's remarks on "Rob Schmitt Tonight" have sparked further debate on the U.S. government's chain of command and communication. The Senator's accusations against Secretary Austin have highlighted a perceived lapse in protocol and stoked the fires of political debate concerning the intersection of military readiness and other national issues.

Senator Tuberville said:

Somebody was told, I promise you that, but they didn’t tell Biden because he’s the Rodney Dangerfield of being President, no respect. This puts us in danger. Thank God our enemies didn’t take advantage of it.

The story has unfolded against a backdrop of ongoing tension and political debates, with military promotions and abortion rights at the forefront. Senator Tuberville's comments have thrown a spotlight on these issues, raising questions about the state of administrative communication and the responsibilities of government officials.


Senator Tommy Tuberville's criticism of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for not informing President Joe Biden of his hospitalization has stirred controversy on several fronts. Tuberville sees this as a sign of disrespect and a significant lapse in maintaining a secure chain of command.

He defended his position on halting military promotions, linking them to issues of abortion, and stressed the importance of presidential accountability.

The incident has brought to light broader issues of communication and respect within the U.S. government, raising concerns about the implications for national security and military readiness. As these debates continue, the question remains: how will this affect the relationship between different branches of the government and their ability to work together effectively?

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