Tubbo's Twitch Account Suspended Over F1 Stream

 July 10, 2024

According to Game Rant, Twitch has banned popular streamer Tubbo after he streamed the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, resulting in a DMCA strike.

Despite Tubbo's claim of having permission, the duration of his ban remains unknown, and he may file a counterclaim to restore his account.

Twitch banned Tubbo, one of its most-watched streamers, due to a DMCA strike for streaming the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. The suspension came just two hours after Tubbo began his livestream, leading to confusion and speculation among his over five million followers. Tubbo has asserted that he had permission to stream the race.

Tubbo confirmed receiving a DMCA notice shortly after his channel was shut down. The duration of his suspension is currently unclear, leaving fans in the dark about when or if he will return to the platform. Tubbo may file a counterclaim to challenge the ban, especially if he indeed had an agreement with Formula 1.

Increasing Concerns Over Twitch's DMCA Policy

A number of prominent Twitch streamers have been banned recently, igniting discussions about the platform's account suspension system. Tubbo’s situation has highlighted the complexities of Twitch's DMCA takedown policy, which has been a contentious issue among content creators. This incident is the latest in a series of high-profile bans that have put Twitch's enforcement practices under scrutiny.

Tubbo, known for his engaging content and large follower base, was taken off the platform just two hours into his livestream of the race. His case is particularly notable because he claims to have had the necessary permissions, which, if true, could lead to significant repercussions for Twitch's DMCA policy. The exact details of his agreement with Formula 1, if any, are still unclear.

If Tubbo had formal permission, he would have had the option to file a counterclaim to restore his account. However, it remains uncertain whether he has taken this step or if Twitch will approve such a claim. The ambiguity surrounding his ban duration adds to the growing concerns over how Twitch manages DMCA strikes and streamer bans.

Recent Bans of Other Top Streamers

Tubbo is not alone in facing sudden bans from Twitch. Other top streamers, such as Nickmercs and Stableronaldo, have also been banned recently for different reasons. Nickmercs faced his first ban for using a transphobic slur during a stream, while Stableronaldo was banned for reckless driving in a live clip. These incidents have further fueled debates about Twitch's ban policies.

Dr Disrespect's 2020 ban remains one of the most talked-about channel shutdowns, with ongoing conversations about the need for more transparent and balanced ban systems. These high-profile cases have led many to question the consistency and fairness of Twitch's enforcement actions.

Streamers and their communities are actively discussing the need for a more balanced approach to account suspensions. Some argue for more lenient measures for first-time or minor infractions, while others believe that stricter enforcement is necessary to maintain the platform's integrity. This ongoing debate reflects the diverse perspectives within the Twitch community.

The Impact on Streamers and Their Platforms

As a result of these bans, some streamers are moving to other platforms, seeking environments with more transparent and predictable policies. Others are waiting for their issues to be resolved, hoping to return to Twitch with clearer guidelines in place. The uncertainty surrounding bans has significant implications for streamers' livelihoods and their relationships with their audiences.

Tubbo's case is particularly significant due to his substantial following and the nature of his content. The uncertainty of his ban duration leaves his fans eagerly awaiting updates. His potential counterclaim, if successful, could set a precedent for how similar cases are handled in the future.


Twitch's ban of Tubbo for streaming the Formula 1 British Grand Prix has sparked significant discussion about the platform's DMCA policies and enforcement practices. Tubbo, who claims to have had permission to stream the race, faces an uncertain future on the platform as the duration of his ban remains unknown. His potential counterclaim could challenge Twitch's current approach to DMCA strikes. This incident, along with recent bans of other top streamers, underscores the need for a more balanced and transparent ban system. The streaming community continues to grapple with these issues, seeking fair and consistent policies that protect both content creators and copyright holders.

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