TSA Official Arrested By Border Patrol

 January 7, 2024

Maxine McManaman, a senior official with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), faces serious legal challenges following her recent arrest.

McManaman, an Assistant Federal Security Director at TSA, was detained on charges of forgery, related to exploiting a family member with dementia.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Atlanta apprehended McManaman last week. This action was based on a warrant issued by the Port St. Lucie Police Department in Florida.

She is accused of a grave offense: forging a quitclaim deed by fraudulently using the signature of a family member suffering from dementia. This finding emerged from an in-depth police investigation.

Investigators uncovered that the family member could not have signed the document on the stated date, as they were in Atlanta at the time.

Forged Documents and Family Ties Lead to Dual Arrests

Delroy Chambers Sr., McManaman's father, also faces legal troubles. He was arrested in December 2022 on related charges, including two counts of forgery and exploitation of an elderly or disabled adult.

Chambers, who is also accused of neglecting an elderly or disabled adult, has refuted the allegations. He describes the situation as a "family thing".

The TSA has responded promptly to the situation. McManaman has been placed on administrative leave pending further legal actions, Washington Examiner reported.

Strict Ethical Standards in the TSA Highlighted

A TSA spokesperson emphasized the organization's commitment to high ethical standards. "TSA holds its employees to the highest professional and ethical standards and has no tolerance for misconduct on or off-duty," they stated.

The spokesperson further clarified that any TSA employee failing to meet these standards is held accountable.

"Chambers was also accused of failing to take care of his sick wife but has denied the abuse allegations and claimed the case is a 'family thing.'"

Currently, McManaman is detained in Clayton County Jail in Georgia. She awaits extradition to Florida, where she will face the charges brought against her.

Extradition and Administrative Leave Signal Serious Consequences

These allegations have sparked concerns within the TSA and the wider community. The agency is known for its stringent policies regarding employee conduct.

McManaman's arrest, particularly given her high-ranking position, underscores the importance of ethical conduct in positions of authority.

As the legal process unfolds, the impact of this case on McManaman's career and the TSA's reputation remains to be seen.


Maxine McManaman's arrest and the charges against her have shed light on serious ethical and legal issues. Her case, coupled with her father's, paints a troubling picture of alleged exploitation and forgery.

The TSA's swift action in placing McManaman on leave reflects the organization's dedication to maintaining trust and integrity.

As this case progresses, it will undoubtedly continue to attract attention and scrutiny, underscoring the importance of ethical behavior in public service.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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