Trump's Lawyer Raises Concerns Over Jury Exposure During Trial

 May 27, 2024

Alina Habba, attorney for former President Donald Trump, raised concerns about the jury not being sequestered over the Memorial Day weekend during Trump's business records trial.

As reported by Breitbart News, Habba emphasized that exposure to media and discussions with friends or family could unfairly influence the jurors' opinions.

Concerns About Media Influence During Holiday Weekend

Habba voiced her apprehensions about the potential impact of media exposure and social interactions on the jurors during Memorial Day weekend. She suggested jurors might encounter biased news coverage or discussions with friends who strongly oppose Trump. Habba's remarks highlight the ongoing debate about the influence of media on high-profile legal cases.

The trial's timeline includes the defense team concluding their case on May 21, with closing arguments set to begin on May 28. Jury deliberations are expected to start on May 29. Judge Juan Merchan mentioned that the Memorial Day weekend influenced the scheduling of the closing arguments, adding another layer of complexity to the trial's proceedings.

Lawyer Highlights Risks of Unsequestered Jurors

Alina Habba expressed her concerns about the potential for jurors to be influenced by biased news coverage and social interactions during the holiday weekend. In her interview, she noted that allowing jurors to remain unsequestered could lead to an unfair trial outcome. Habba's statements reflect the defense's efforts to ensure a fair trial for Trump, free from external influences.

Habba's remarks were particularly focused on the impact of media outlets like MSNBC and CNN, which she suggested might provide biased coverage. She emphasized the importance of jurors being shielded from such influences to maintain the integrity of the trial. Her concerns resonate with broader issues of media influence on public opinion and legal proceedings.

Judge's Comments on Scheduling Amid Concerns

Judge Juan Merchan acknowledged that the Memorial Day weekend played a role in scheduling the closing arguments for the trial. His comments underscore the challenges of managing a high-profile case during a major holiday. The defense's concerns about jury sequestration add another dimension to the trial's complexities.

Alina Habba's statements about the need for sequestration were clear and direct:

These are not sequestered jurors. They should have been sequestered because, in my opinion, these jurors are handling something that is completely unprecedented and unwarranted in America. And for them to be able to be out and about on a holiday weekend, with friends and families who have opinions who are watching the news, TV’s on the background at the pool party — I have serious concerns.

Concerns Over Media Exposure During Deliberations

Habba's remarks also included specific concerns about the type of news coverage jurors might encounter. She pointed out that media outlets often have biased reporting, which could influence jurors' perceptions. Her comments highlight the defense's strategy to question the fairness of the trial process and ensure an impartial verdict.

Trump’s defense team is focused on ensuring that jurors base their decision solely on the facts presented in court. Habba stressed that without sequestration, the risk of external influences is significant. The defense's efforts to highlight these concerns are part of their broader strategy to secure a fair trial for Trump.

Defense Team's Final Arguments and Jury Deliberations

As the trial progresses, the defense team is preparing for closing arguments, which will begin on May 28. Jury deliberations will follow on May 29, marking a crucial phase in the trial. The defense's focus on jury sequestration underscores its commitment to ensuring a fair trial process.

Habba’s interview on Fox News was a critical moment in the defense's efforts to address their concerns publicly. Her comments reflect the broader legal strategies employed by Trump's defense team. The trial's outcome remains uncertain, with the defense advocating for an impartial and fair process.


Alina Habba, attorney for former President Donald Trump, has raised significant concerns about the non-sequestration of jurors during Trump's business records trial. Habba emphasized the potential for media and social interactions to unfairly influence the jurors' opinions, especially over the Memorial Day weekend. The defense team concluded their case on May 21, with closing arguments scheduled for May 28 and jury deliberations on May 29. Judge Juan Merchan acknowledged the influence of the holiday weekend on the trial's scheduling. Habba's remarks highlight the defense's efforts to ensure a fair trial, free from external influences.

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