Trump's Lawyer Alleges Bias In Jury Selection By Manhattan DA

 April 16, 2024

Jesse Binnall, Donald Trump's lawyer, has leveled serious accusations against the Manhattan District Attorney's office regarding the jury selection in Trump's criminal trial.

According to Jesse Binnall, the jury selection process is unfairly targeting potential jurors who support Donald Trump, posing a risk to the fairness of the trial.

Breitbart News reported that Jesse Binnall's concern centers around the nature of the questionnaires used in selecting jurors for the trial, where former President Donald Trump faces 34 felony charges. Binnall claims these questionnaires are designed to identify and exclude Trump supporters systematically.

Details of the Alleged Bias in Jury Selection

These forms inquire about the jurors' past involvement in Trump rallies, any volunteer work for his campaign, and their preferred news sources, potentially filtering out pro-Trump jurors. Jesse Binnall suggests this approach could skew the jury, particularly in a jurisdiction that heavily favored Joe Biden in the 2020 elections.

Binnall explains that the questionnaire's imbalance is clear. "They’re trying to find out if you have ever been involved in supporting President Trump at all over the years," he stated.

Jesse Binnall pointed out that the prosecution has not displayed equivalent diligence in screening for biases that could favor a conviction against Trump. He suggests there's a significant lack of questions that might reveal a juror's potential bias against Trump or their support for President Joe Biden.

Risk of Unfair Trial Highlighted

Binnall believes that this one-sided scrutiny might tilt the scales of justice. "What media organizations do you get your news from, and, you know, looking for people who might be listening to talk radio, you know, watching cable news shows that might be seen as favoring President Trump, etc., etc.," he detailed further in his critique.

Another critical point raised by Binnall is the geographical demographic of the jurors. The trial's location saw a significant tilt toward Biden in the 2020 election, a fact that Binnall feels should be considered more prominently in selecting jurors. "When you’re in a jurisdiction that was 85-15 Biden in 2020, that would be something that would be extremely important, and they just kind of whistle past the graveyard on that," he remarked.

This perceived bias in jury selection led Binnall to assert that the DA's office is intentionally "stacking the deck" against Trump, fearing that an unbiased jury could lead to an acquittal. "And so they want to do everything they can to stack the deck against President Trump,” Binnall deeply criticized.

Legal Implications of Jury Selection Practices

These allegations have profound implications. An unbiased jury is the cornerstone of the American justice system, and any deviation from this principle could undermine public trust in judicial proceedings.

Despite these concerns, Binnall reports that officials from the office of District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Judge Merchan have not indicated that the approach to jury selection will change.

Binnall’s revelations have sparked a broader discussion about fairness and bias in the legal system, especially in politically charged cases. "And so they’re terrified of that," he said, referring to the prosecution's fear of an acquittal even if only one or two jurors remain unbiased.

In conclusion, Jesse Binnall's allegations suggest a complex layer of potential political and judicial biases that could affect the outcome of one of the most high-profile trials in recent American history. Whether or not these claims will influence the proceedings or lead to any changes in jury selection remains to be seen as the trial progresses.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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