Trump Vows Deportation for Pro-Palestinian Student Protestors, Backs Netanyahu

 May 27, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has revealed a controversial pledge to take a tough stance against pro-Palestinian protestors in the U.S.

At a recent event, Trump promised to deport student protestors to solidify U.S. support for Israel, the Washington Examiner reported.

During a May 14 roundtable in New York, Trump disclosed his intent to use immigration control as a tool against student demonstrators who support Palestine. This discussion arose amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has seen significant violence and humanitarian concerns.

Trump's Comments Reveal Proposed Strategy Against Student Demonstrators

Highlighting his approach to handling unrest through stringent immigration measures, Trump stated:

One thing I do is, any student that protests, I throw them out of the country. You know, there are a lot of foreign students. As soon as they hear that, they’re going to behave.

Former President Trump openly praised the efforts by the New York Police Department to dismantle a protest encampment at Columbia University. This encampment had been started by students protesting the Israeli actions in Gaza led by Israeli forces.

The former president often framed these demonstrators as part of a broader, radical upheaval, a viewpoint that underscores his administration's hard-line stance on protests.

Trump's Support Among the Jewish Community

During the dialogue with donors, who he identified as predominantly Jewish, Trump reiterated his allegiance to Israel's anti-terrorism efforts.

He emphasized the geopolitical achievements under his administration, such as the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, suggesting considerable benefits to Israel from his policies.

Trump questioned the Jewish support for the Democratic party, particularly criticizing President Joe Biden's approach to Israel, implying that it has consistently disappointed the Jewish community in America:

How can a Jewish person vote for a Democrat and [President Joe] Biden in particular — but forget Biden. They always let you down.

His stance on Trump contrasts sharply with critiques from within his party, particularly over his previous interactions with Israeli and other Middle Eastern leaders and his descriptive terms for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah as "very smart." These comments have sparked polarized views among political and public realms.

Reactions to Trump's Promises and Electoral Implications

Karoline Leavitt, spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, defended the former president’s potential future foreign policies. She assured that Trump's re-election would mean reinforced support for Israel, aggressive opposition to Iran, and a cease to regional bloodshed.

Conversely, Charles Lutvak, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, accused Trump of harboring disrespectful and patronizing attitudes towards Jewish voters. He referenced past controversial statements by Trump to highlight what he perceives as a pattern of divisive rhetoric.

In conclusion, former President Trump's remarks at the recent donor event have sparked a new wave of controversy by promising harsh measures against student demonstrators and expressing vigorous support for Israel. His comments shed light on his potential policies and the influence they seek to establish on U.S. foreign policy and domestic social issues, framing an election campaign that might yet be deeply polarizing.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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