Trump Verdict Crushed As Pro-Trump Truckers Boycott NYC

 February 19, 2024

In an unprecedented move, some truck drivers are standing in solidarity with former President Donald Trump by refusing to deliver goods to and from New York City.

This action comes in the wake of a civil fraud verdict against Trump, which has resulted in significant financial and operational penalties for the former president.

The civil fraud case concluded on a recent Friday, marking a pivotal moment for Donald Trump. He was fined $355 million and banned from conducting business within New York State. Following this decision, a pro-Trump truck driver known as "Chicago Ray" took to X, a social media platform, to announce his refusal to transport loads to NYC. Ray's decision was shaped directly by the verdict handed down by Judge Arthur Engoron.

Chicago Ray’s announcement was not made in isolation. Within a brief period, he had rallied a notable group of truck drivers who shared his views and commitment to actions. He said, "I’ve been on the radio talking to drivers for about the last… hour and 15 minutes… I’ve talked to at least ten drivers… they’re going to start refusing loads to New York City starting on Monday." This statement underscores the immediacy of the response from the trucking community.

Community Support and Social Media Solidarity

Chicago Ray's defiance quickly gained traction, resonating with fellow truck drivers who felt similarly disenchanted. Among those rallying behind him was someone known as "American Trucker" on X. Their support, coupled with that of "The Disrespected Trucker," who vowed never to make a delivery to New York, underscored a growing movement within the trucking community. This collective stance is not merely a reaction to the judicial verdict but seems to reflect broader political and social undercurrents within this segment of the workforce.

Not only has social media served as a platform for organizing and expressing support, but it has also helped to amplify the truckers' cause. Donald Trump himself recognized the protest by truckers, sharing Chicago Ray’s video along with a Daily Mail article on Truth Social. This act of solidarity from Trump highlights the protest's significance and further binds the trucking community to their shared cause.

The refusal to deliver to New York City poses significant implications for logistics and supply chains, especially considering the city's role as a major commercial hub. Chicago Ray's assertion that work is abundant outside New York suggests that truckers participating in the boycott may not face immediate economic repercussions. However, the long-term consequences of such a standoff continue to be a matter of speculation.

Reflections on a Divided Nation

The trucker boycott is a mirror reflecting a nation marred by division, where support for political figures can lead to significant real-world actions. This move by a segment of the trucking industry underscores the deep-seated political tensions that persist in the aftermath of contentious elections and legal decisions.

Chicago Ray's vehement statement captures the essence of the protest, highlighting a larger narrative of dissatisfaction and defiance.

The action taken by truck drivers, inspired by "Chicago Ray," begins on the Monday following the civil fraud verdict. The sequence of events indicates a swift reaction to judicial outcomes perceived as unjust by supporters of Donald Trump.


In response to a civil fraud verdict against former President Donald Trump, some truck drivers have chosen not to deliver goods to or from New York City. The verdict, which includes a $355 million fine and a ban on Trump conducting business in New York, has sparked a movement led by a truck driver known as "Chicago Ray," who rallied others through social media to join the boycott.

This decision reflects broader political and social undercurrents within the trucking community, with support being amplified by Trump himself and other truckers on social media platforms. The boycott poses potential challenges for New York City's logistics and supply chains, highlighting the deep political divisions and the impact of these tensions on real-world actions.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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