Trump Trial Sees Judge Limit Stormy Daniels' Testimony Details

 May 7, 2024

Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan suggested to the prosecution in former President Donald Trump's hush money trial that the jury should hear less from key witness Stormy Daniels.

According to Daily Wire, Mechan indicated that the amount of testimony from Daniels, a former porn star, was excessive.

At a recent hearing, Stormy Daniels testified in a case involving former President Donald Trump concerning hush money payments, as overseen by Judge Juan Merchan.

Former porn star Stormy Daniels, whose involvement with Trump has stirred significant public and legal interest, stood before a Manhattan courtroom. Judge Juan Merchan presided over the trial, often reminding Daniels of the need for concise testimony.

Detailed Descriptions Welcome Scrutiny

Judge Merchan, addressing the courtroom, cautioned Daniels several times to simplify her narrations. Daniels' testimony included minute details from a hotel room encounter and Trump’s toiletry habits, which seemed unnecessary for the proceedings.

While Daniels aimed to add a lighter tone to her testimony, citing regular STD testing practices and curiosity about the business side of adult entertainment, the attempts at humor were not particularly well received by the audience. Despite reminders from Judge Merchan, she continued elaborating on seemingly trivial matters, including the contents of Trump’s toiletry bag.

Revealing Trump’s keen interest in the business of pornography, Daniels spoke about their interactions, her remarks providing a glimpse into the softer sides of the controversy. “He was very interested in a lot of the business aspects of [pornography], which I thought was very cool,” Daniels recalled navigating through her professional specifics with Trump.

Judge Urges Focus Amid Superfluous Testimony

As the trial progressed, tension rose due to Daniels' continued depth of descriptions. Judge Merchan found himself requesting the prosecution trim the excess from Daniels’ elaborate narratives.

The judge highlighted that we did not need to know about the floor of Trump’s hotel room, signaling a push toward more pertinent information. This tension underlined a session that swayed between necessary legal examination and extraneous storytelling.

Sara Boboltz’s report highlighted Daniels' regular health consciousness within her industry: “Tests are mandated every 14 days, I never tested positive for anything,” revealing her professional commitment to safety in her previous line of work.

Public Reaction Varies on Courtroom Manner

Kasie Hunt of CNN remarked on Daniels' performance, suggesting it detracted from her reliability, “She's hurting the prosecution's case by showing the jury how much of an attention seeker she is.” This perspective was perhaps echoed in the minimal reaction Daniels’ humor received during the proceedings.

Despite mixed reactions in court, social media platforms buzzed with divergent views. Some found humor in Daniels's intricate descriptions, with one user, Johnny Maga, calling the testimony “hilarious.”


Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan advised the prosecution to limit the amount of testimony from Stormy Daniels during former President Donald Trump's hush money trial, indicating that her detailed accounts were excessive. Daniels' testimony touched on trivial aspects such as Trump's toiletry habits. Despite attempts to introduce humor and personal industry insights, it was not well received, highlighting her tendency to overshare. The tension in court escalated as Merchan urged a focus on more pertinent details, reflecting a trial balanced between necessary legal examination and unnecessary narrative depth.

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