Trump Threatens to Turn The Tables on Biden

By Victor Winston, updated on October 28, 2023

Amidst his own legal challenges, former President Donald Trump hints at potential legal actions against President Joe Biden.

Trump, who has been under the microscope for various legal issues, recently made a bold statement.

He suggested that if he returns to the White House, he might initiate legal proceedings against Biden.

Trump's Ongoing Legal Battles

The former president is currently facing multiple legal challenges. New York Attorney General Letitia James has sued him, and he's been indicted in four distinct cases.

Despite these accusations, Trump has consistently proclaimed his innocence, Newsweek reported.

One significant case involves a $250 million civil fraud trial. This case alleges that Trump and his organization's top executives inflated his net worth by billions.

They supposedly did this to secure loans and strike deals by providing misleading financial statements to banks and insurers.

Before a recent session of the civil fraud trial, Trump took to Truth Social. There, he labeled Biden as "the most corrupt and incompetent president." He also hinted at the possibility of a trial against Biden.

Trump's Statement on Truth Social

Trump expressed his frustration with the trial, calling it a "RIGGED TRIAL." He compared it to something one would expect in a Banana Republic.

He also mentioned that this situation might give Republicans a precedent to act similarly in the future.

He further emphasized his view of Biden, stating, "Crooked Joe Biden is the most CORRUPT (and Incompetent!) President in the history of the U.S." Trump also commented on the impact of such trials on businesses in New York.

Newsweek tried to get comments from both Biden and Trump regarding these statements. However, at the time of writing, there hasn't been any response.

Impeachment Inquiry into Biden

Kevin McCarthy, who was the House speaker, announced an impeachment inquiry into Biden. This inquiry is centered around the business dealings of Biden's family.

The White House has been firm in denying all allegations against Biden. During the first impeachment hearing in September, they emphasized their focus on the American people's priorities rather than political games.

Sharon Yang, a spokesperson for the White House, labeled the hearing a "baseless stunt." She reiterated the administration's commitment to the American people.

Concerns Within the GOP

There's a growing concern within the GOP about selecting a new House speaker. Jim Jordan of Ohio couldn't secure the necessary votes, and Tom Emmer's nomination was short-lived.

The urgency to find a new speaker is increasing. Without a speaker, the House can't function effectively. This becomes even more critical with the potential government shutdown looming next month.

Such internal challenges within the GOP further complicate the political landscape. It remains to be seen how these events will unfold in the coming weeks.

Conclusion and Reflections

As we reflect on these events, several key points emerge:

  • Trump, despite his legal challenges, is not hesitant to call out Biden.
  • The former president faces a significant civil fraud trial.
  • There's an ongoing impeachment inquiry into Biden's family business dealings.
  • The GOP is struggling to find a new House speaker.

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About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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