Trump Support Site Crashes Following Guilty Verdict, Signaling Strong Backer Response

 May 31, 2024

Former President Donald Trump’s conviction has sparked a significant digital and political backlash.

According to Western Journal, shortly after being found guilty on multiple counts of falsifying business records, the surge in support crashed his donation website.

Donald Trump faced a verdict convicting him of 34 counts for falsifying business records. The intense following he commands was evident when an influx of support directed at his campaign's donation site caused it to go offline. NBC News reported that this occurred approximately one hour after the legal pronouncement.

Republican Leaders Voice Support for Trump

In reaction to the verdict, several Republican Senators quickly stepped forward to denounce the trial’s outcome. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida described the trial as a "political show trial," while Senator John Cornyn of Texas emphasized the need to support Trump, suggesting the real verdict would come with the elections.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina voiced concerns over the trial's implications for future presidencies, labeling it politically motivated and unfair. These statements reflect a widespread sentiment among Trump's political allies who believe partisan objectives influenced the trial.

The official website of Donald Trump framed him as a victim of political persecution, repeatedly referring to him as a "political prisoner." It characterized the legal proceedings as a "rigged political witch hunt," an echo of the rhetoric often used by Trump and his campaign.

Website Appeals for Donations in Crisis

Amidst calls for financial support, the crashed website portrayed the situation as a critical, crucial influence on future political outcomes in America, framing it as a battle against President Joe Biden and his administration.

This narrative of urgency and injustice aimed to mobilize Trump's base by emphasizing alleged aggressive actions against him, including a raid on his home and his arrest, culminating in his conviction.

Senator Marco Rubio criticized the proceedings:

The verdict in New York is a complete travesty that makes a mockery of our system of justice. A political show trial conducted by an openly pro-Biden judge whose daughter makes money off the case, a jury from the most liberal county in America, absurd and ridiculous charges, and outrageous jury instructions that guaranteed guilty verdicts. Biden and the Trump deranged left will stop at nothing to remain in power.

Madison Cawthorne, a conservative figure, took to the social media platform X to express their overwhelming support for Trump, stating that the president's "donation website is being overrun with traffic!!!" This public assertion showcases the immediate and fervent reaction from Trump's followers.

Continued Loyalty Among Trump's Base

The campaign’s site further fueled this fiery support by exclaiming, "Crooked Joe Biden needs to get the message — right here, right now — that his chances of a 2nd term END TODAY!" The site’s aggressive tone underscores the divisive nature of current political discourse and the role of Trump’s legal battles in shaping public opinion.

The website’s narrative and Republican lawmakers' quick response underscore a deeply polarized environment where legal battles spill into electoral strategies. These events suggest that Trump’s political influence remains potent, capable of mobilizing significant resources and public sentiment swiftly.

In conclusion, the incident of the website crash following Donald Trump’s conviction, alongside vocal reactions from prominent Republican Senators and the aggressive fundraising appeals, highlights the charged political climate. This situation reflects the enduring loyalty Trump commands and underscores the profound divisions within American politics.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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