Trump Set To Rally With Bernie Moreno

By Robert Cunningham, updated on March 13, 2024

In the heart of Ohio, a political rally is brewing that could set the stage for the future of the Republican Senate.

Breitbart reported that Former President Donald Trump is slated to appear in Dayton, Ohio, to rally support for Bernie Moreno's Senate campaign. This pivotal moment will underline Trump's enduring sway within the GOP.

The Rally That Could Shape Ohio's Political Future

This Saturday, Dayton is poised to host a significant event leading up to the Ohio Republican Senate primary, marked by former President Donald Trump's support for Bernie Moreno. The rally, organized by the Buckeye Values PAC, represents a crucial endorsement in a tight race. Doors open at 12:00 PM ET, with Trump taking the stage at 4:00 p.m. ET, displaying strategic political timing and endorsement.

Trump's backing of Moreno comes at a critical juncture, with the primary election just days away. His endorsement in mid-December was a clarion call to Republicans to unite behind Moreno, heralding him as a fighter in the MAGA mold needed in the Senate. Trump's commendation was not without its usual flair, as he took swipes at both the "Fascist 'nut jobs'" and "spineless RINOS," showcasing his characteristic approach to political discourse.

Since receiving Trump's nod, Moreno's campaign has witnessed a marked surge in support. Polls before and after the endorsement illustrate a growing lead for Moreno, transforming the race into a demonstrable reflection of Trump's influence. A before-and-after poll comparison reveals Moreno's ascent from leading with 23% in a three-way race to a commanding 31% post-endorsement, illustrating the tangible impact of Trump's support.

A Test of Endorsement Power in Modern Politics

Polling data from Fabrizio, Lee & Associates underscores the significant shift in Moreno's fortunes following Trump's endorsement. Initially leading with a slender margin, Moreno's campaign gained momentum, with a February survey showing him extending his lead significantly over his competitors. This data point highlights Moreno's growing appeal and the potent effect of Trump's backing in Republican primaries.

Trump's endorsement was encapsulated in a tweet from Donald Trump Jr., emphasizing the significance of the rally in Ohio for Moreno's campaign. The social media announcement served as a digital rallying cry, amplifying the event's importance and Trump's role in shaping the contours of the race.

Bernie Moreno responded to Trump's endorsement with a statement underscoring the former president's continuing relevance in Republican politics: "Trump’s ‘Gonna Be Our Nominee’". This acknowledgment reflects gratitude and a strategic alignment with Trump's base, a move Moreno hopes will cement his lead in the primary.

The efficacy of Trump's endorsement is a testament to his undiminished influence within the Republican Party. Informing voters of Trump's backing dramatically increased Moreno's support, demonstrating the former president's endorsement's persuasive power. This phenomenon has broader implications, suggesting that Trump's backing remains a pivotal factor in Republican primaries.

The Implications of Trump's Endorsement for the GOP

As the rally in Dayton approaches, the implications of Trump's support for Moreno's campaign extend beyond the immediate political contest. This event signifies a testing ground for the influence of Trump's endorsement in shaping the outcomes of Republican primaries. It also serves as a reflection of the internal dynamics within the GOP, showcasing the divergent forces at play between traditional party elements and Trump's MAGA movement.

The rally and Trump's endorsement are not merely about Moreno's campaign but signal a broader contest for the Republican Party's soul. Trump's critique of the extreme and moderate factions within the GOP, encapsulated in his endorsement statement, highlights the ongoing struggle to define the party's future direction.


The Dayton, Ohio rally for Bernie Moreno's Senate campaign represents a pivotal moment in the Republican primary race. Former President Donald Trump's endorsement of Moreno underscores his continued influence within the GOP and has significantly bolstered Moreno's campaign. The event, organized by the Buckeye Values PAC, is not just a rally but a manifestation of the strategic endorsements and political dynamics shaping the future of the Republican Senate.

Polling data before and after Trump's endorsement reveals a marked surge in support for Moreno, illustrating the power of Trump's backing. As the Ohio Republican Senate primary approaches, this rally is a critical test of Trump's endorsement power and its implications for the party's future.

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