Trump Says He Will Deport Nearly ’20 million’ if Elected

 May 6, 2024

Donald Trump just made a big promise to his supporters, which is very similar to the one he made in 2016.

Trump recently stated that he would deport nearly “20 million” illegal immigrants if he gets elected.

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Biden’s Immigration Disaster

The issues at the border during the Biden administration have been well-documented on these pages, so I won’t rehash them all. But, we must note that while Biden has been president, we have seen at least eight million encounters at the southern border alone. When you take gotaways into account, we are probably well over 10 million migrants coming over the border since Joe Biden took office.

Various committees in the House have investigated this, but Biden is refusing to change his ways. Recently, he has expressed that he has no power, but that is an absolute lie and only something he is saying to try to win back voters who are worried about this particular issue.

While Biden tries to play ignorant, Republicans and conservative pundits are destroying him at every opportunity. For instance, former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan stated:

“President Biden is the first President to ever un-secure a border on purpose. The current administration’s failure to enforce and uphold the laws as written by Congress are not just matters of legal debate but have led to unimaginable suffering and death for Americans and migrants alike…

“For three years, this Administration has directed and overseen the implementation of an open-borders agenda that has resulted in a national security, humanitarian, public health, and public safety catastrophe unlike any we have ever witnessed at America’s borders.”

Trump Vows Massive Deportation Effort

Donald Trump knows that immigration is now a major issue in this country, so he is making some bold promises. This is far beyond the promise of building a wall, as Trump is claiming that he will have the “largest mass deportation effort” in the history of the country.

According to Trump and his staff, they believe there are somewhere near 20 million people that could be deported. This goes far beyond the estimates of about 11 million from government agencies. Eric Ruark, NumbersUSA’s director of research, clarified:

“There’s probably between 15 and 20 million, given the number of people we’ve seen coming over.”

Jon Feere, former ICE chief of staff during the Trump administration, added:

“This effort will likely include city-wide operations where officers from different parts of the country are brought in to conduct work site investigations and make arrests within the course of weeks within in any given jurisdiction.

“This will require a whole government approach. Every part of the government that has a nexus to immigration has a role to play here. From Health and Human Services, to the State Department, to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, every part of the government can assist in reducing illegal immigration.”


That is a really bold promise by Trump, but the question remains if he can really pull this off. I wish I could say he could, but there will be many obstacles in Trump’s way, primarily Congress. I can tell you right now that suits will be filed, and immigration judges are going to require an act of Congress for a mass deportation such as this, especially for people who have been here for many years, even illegally.

If Trump wins the White House but Republicans fail to take the Senate and hold the House, this is all a pipedream and nothing more than empty words to get votes. I continue to press the importance of down-ballot elections during this term and how important they are in regard to a Trump agenda being able to be carried out as well as how it will impact the party in the 2028 election. Believe me, the House and Senate are just as, if not more important, than the White House itself.

About Jerry McConway

Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians his followers support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

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