Trump Reveals 2024 Policy Team

 December 16, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is actively preparing for a potential return to the White House. His strategy includes assembling a team of loyalists and veterans from his first term, signaling a robust approach to policy formulation for a potential 2025 administration.

This team, blending familiar faces with experienced advisers, aims to streamline Trump's vision for a second term.

Key players in this assembly include Robert Lighthizer, the former trade representative, and Russell Vought, the former budget director. These individuals are not new to Trump's political landscape; they played pivotal roles in his first administration. Their involvement this time around underscores a blend of loyalty and experience that Trump seems to be relying on.

Focus on Policy: China and Jobs at the Forefront

Lighthizer, with his extensive experience in trade, has expressed a clear focus on China in a potential second Trump term. He envisions a policy that is more centered on American workers and bringing jobs back to the United States. This focus aligns with Trump's long-standing agenda of reshoring jobs and taking a firm stance on international trade relations.

Discussing the proposed policy direction, Lighthizer stated: "You will see a much more focused policy on China." He added, "You’ll see a much more worker-oriented policy, much more bringing jobs home." These statements reflect a continuity in Trump's trade policies but with a promise of greater focus and efficiency.

The policy team includes other notable names like Stephen Miller, Ben Carson, John Ratcliffe, Kevin Hassett, Tom Homan, Brandon Judd, Keith Kellogg, and Matt Whitaker. Most of them have served in Trump's first administration, standing in stark contrast to officials who have publicly denounced the former President.

Streamlined Approach and Organizational Dynamics

The shaping of Trump's potential second-term policies has been ongoing for months, involving meetings and discussions during travels to and from campaign events, Washington Examiner reported.

This methodical approach suggests a more organized and strategic planning process compared to the early days of his first term.

Kevin Hassett, reflecting on the current state of the team, remarked, “It’s a pretty well-oiled machine compared to the beginning.” This comment suggests a learning curve that has been surmounted, leading to a more cohesive and efficient team dynamic.

Every member of this assembled team is expected to play a crucial role in key administration positions should Trump win the 2024 election. Their current involvement in policy discussions is seen as a preparatory phase for their potential official roles.

Insights from Trump's Advisory Circle

Apart from the core team, Trump has also been consulting with influential figures like Newt Gingrich, Stephen Moore, Kellyanne Conway, Larry Kudlow, and Steve Bannon. Their involvement provides a broader perspective and diverse insights into the shaping of policies.

Recent revelations about the future staffing of Trump's potential administration coincide with the efforts of outside groups training staff for the next GOP administration. However, Trump's advisers have released memos batting down these outside groups as mere "desk hunters," suggesting a preference for trusted and proven allies within Trump's inner circle.

The discussions and planning extend beyond the immediate circle, involving external advisors and strategists. This expansive network of consultation underscores the depth and breadth of Trump's preparations for a potential second term.

Contrasting the First and Second Term Strategies

The preparation for a potential administration under Trump is markedly different from his first term. The current approach appears to be more structured, with a focus on streamlining policies and ensuring a cohesive team that shares Trump's vision and objectives.

This strategic planning process began months ago, involving numerous meetings and calls with Trump's allies. These discussions have been pivotal in shaping the potential policies for Trump's second term, reflecting a proactive and forward-thinking approach.

Looking back, NBC's report from the summer of 2022 indicated a lukewarm reception among former Cabinet officials towards a second Trump term. Only 4 of 44 Cabinet officials publicly backed Trump again, highlighting the contrast between the current team of loyalists and the broader spectrum of former officials.

Endorsements and Historical Context

Ben Carson, a prominent figure in Trump's previous administration, endorsed Trump at an Iowa rally. This endorsement is significant, considering Carson's reputation and influence within conservative circles.

Reflecting on the early days of Trump's first term, it is noted that Hassett and Lighthizer had "bloody battles" over trade policy. Such historical insights provide context to the evolution of the team dynamics and policy direction over time.

As the campaign confirms the expected roles of these loyalists in a second term, it becomes evident that Trump is not only relying on familiar faces but also on those who have demonstrated a commitment to his policy framework and administrative style.

Conclusion: Preparing for a Potential Victory

  • Donald Trump is preparing for a potential 2025 administration with a team of loyalists and veterans from his first term.
  • The team is expected to focus on policies related to China and bringing jobs back to the U.S.
  • Efforts for a more streamlined second term are underway, contrasting with the initial phase of his first term.
  • Notable figures such as Ben Carson and John Ratcliffe are likely to play key roles in the potential administration.
  • Trump's team is setting up for a swift and effective start post-election, as indicated by Vince Haley: "All of this is setting up the conditions so that when we have a victory next November, we’re going to be able to move quickly and effectively."

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