Trump Releases Doctor’s Note On Biden’s Birthday

 November 21, 2023

On a day marked with candles and cake for President Biden, former President Trump chose to share his health report card.

As President Biden turned 81, Donald Trump released a doctor's note indicating his excellent health in the run-up to the 2024 election.

Authored by Dr. Bruce Aronwald of Morristown Medical Group, the note portrays Trump in robust health. It highlights his weight loss, improved diet, and commitment to daily physical activity as significant contributors to his well-being.

Trump's Health Report Details

The medical document suggests an upward trend in Trump's vital signs. His cognitive tests returned exceptional results, while his physical and cardiovascular assessments were entirely within normal parameters. Furthermore, all cancer screening tests came back negative.

Dr. Aronwald expressed optimism about Trump's future health, attributing it to Trump's interest in preventative health monitoring and maintenance. This health update coincides with widespread concerns regarding Vice President Biden's age and fitness to serve as president.

Trump's health note quoted Dr. Aronwald saying:

"I am pleased to report that President Trump's overall health is excellent. His physical exams were well within the normal range and his cognitive exams were exceptional. In addition, his most recent extensive analysis remains well within normal limits and was even more favorable than prior testing in some of the most significant parameters, most likely secondary to weight reduction."

Biden's Fitness Concerns

Several instances have been caught on camera in which President Biden seemed to lose his train of thought, stumble, or even fall. These instances have fueled speculations and concerns about his ability to lead the nation effectively.

The White House had previously released a health summary for Biden in February, which stated that he is healthy, vigorous, and fit to execute the duties of the Presidency. Biden's physician, Kevin O’Connor, also noted that the President was receiving treatment for non-valvular atrial fibrillation (A-fib), hyperlipidemia, gastroesophageal reflux, seasonal allergies, peripheral neuropathy of feet, and a stiffened gait.

Despite these assurances, some Republicans have urged Biden to undergo a cognitive test or withdraw from the 2024 race.

Political Implications of Health Disclosures

As the 2024 election approaches, the health and fitness of both former and current presidents will be under scrutiny. The sharing of Trump's health note on Biden's birthday serves to highlight this issue.

Trump's most recent medical exam was conducted in mid-September 2023, while Biden's health summary was released by the White House in February 2023. Both presidents are gearing up for a second term in the 2024 election.

As the race heats up, the health of the candidates will undoubtedly remain a focal point of the discussions and debates leading up to the election day.


As both former and current presidents gear up for a second term in the 2024 election, the timing of Trump's health note release is noteworthy. It came out on the very day Biden celebrated his 81st birthday.

  • Donald Trump released a doctor's note, signed by Bruce Aronwald of the Morristown Medical Group, stating his excellent health.
  • The health note release coincides with President Joe Biden's 81st birthday.
  • There are concerns about Biden's age and fitness to serve as the President.
  • Both Trump and Biden are running for a second term in the 2024 election.
  • The White House released a health summary for Biden in February, stating that he is healthy, vigorous, and fit to execute the duties of the Presidency.

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