Trump Predicts Neither Biden Nor Kamala Will Be Dem Nominee

 December 30, 2023

Trump, in his remarks, cast doubt on the likelihood of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris being the Democratic candidates for the upcoming presidential election.

The interview, conducted at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, featured Trump sharing his views with Breitbart News.

He articulated his skepticism about Biden's and Harris' chances in the Democratic primary. Trump stated he would welcome Biden as the nominee but doubted it would happen.

Trump's Unreserved Critique of Biden

Trump did not hold back in his criticism of Biden. He labeled him a "cheater" and a "scoundrel," questioning Biden's integrity and character, Breitbart reported.

Further, Trump challenged the perception of Biden as a "nice guy," disagreeing with this widely held view. He suggested that Biden's ability to convince people of his niceness was his only successful feat.

In the interview, Trump commented on Biden's public speaking skills. He expressed disbelief at Biden's capabilities, implying a decline in Biden's oratory over the years. "The guy can't talk," Trump remarked, indicating his view that Biden struggled to articulate himself effectively.

Trump's Doubts on Harris' Candidacy

Trump's skepticism extended to Vice President Kamala Harris. He cast doubts on her viability as a presidential nominee, despite Biden's commitment to selecting a black woman as his vice presidential candidate.

According to Trump, Harris possesses numerous weaknesses that the Democratic Party cannot overlook. He predicted they would have to consider an alternative candidate.

When discussing the potential Democratic nominee if both Biden and Harris are not selected, Trump described the situation as uncertain. He foresees a "free-for-all" among Democrats vying for the nomination.

Electoral Context and Trump's Predictions

The interview took place against the backdrop of the upcoming Iowa caucuses, and the New Hampshire primary. These events are crucial in shaping the presidential race.

Trump's own aspirations in the Republican primary were evident. If he wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, he could become the presumptive Republican nominee. He emphasized his disbelief in Biden reaching the nomination stage.

Looking ahead, the 2024 presidential election in November looms large. Trump's predictions about the Democratic nominee add a layer of intrigue to an already competitive political landscape.

Trump's Views on the Democratic Race

Trump was candid about his views on the Democratic race. He remarked, "I don't think that Biden will make it to the gate."

He elaborated on his thoughts about the Democrats' strategy. Trump indicated uncertainty about the party's direction, especially if Biden and Harris are not the chosen nominees.

Trump, reflecting on his past and present political journey, compared Biden's current state to his performance two decades ago. He implied a significant change in Biden's demeanor and capabilities.

"The guy can't put two sentences together. So I do think this: I cannot believe he's going to be the nominee. I hope he is. But I can't believe he's going to be the nominee."

Trump's views on Harris were also stark. He questioned the viability of her candidacy and speculated on the Democrats' decision-making process regarding their nominee.

A Look at the Political Horizon

As the political season heats up, Trump's predictions add a layer of speculation and debate.

His views, as always, are a topic of discussion and analysis in political circles.

The former president's comments come at a pivotal moment. The nation is gearing up for what promises to be a fiercely contested presidential election.


Trump's insights reveal his perspective on the Democratic race. His comments offer a glimpse into the strategic thinking of a key political figure as America moves closer to the 2024 presidential election.

  • The interview took place at Mar-a-Lago with Breitbart News, where Trump shared his views on the Democratic nominees.
  • Trump expressed doubt about Biden and Harris being the Democratic candidates for 2024, citing various weaknesses.
  • Trump labeled Biden a "cheater" and a "scoundrel," questioning his public speaking skills and character.
  • He predicted a "free-for-all" among Democrats if Biden and Harris are not the nominees.
  • The political context includes the upcoming Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, crucial for shaping the presidential race.

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