Trump Posts Image of Jesus Following Judge’s $5k Fine

 October 23, 2023

Former President Donald Trump responds to a $5,000 fine with a silent yet powerful image of himself alongside Jesus Christ in court.

The image, which depicts Trump and Jesus in a courtroom setting, was posted by the former president on platforms like Instagram and Truth Social.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time this image made its rounds on social media. Trump had previously shared it on Truth Social in early October.

The original sketch was uploaded by a user named Dom Lucre, as reported by the New York Post. Lucre captioned the image, stating its accuracy and implying that Trump couldn't have faced his challenges without divine assistance.

Dom Lucre's tweet read, "This is the most accurate court sketch of all time. Because nobody could have made it this far alone."

Comparisons to Jesus' Persecution

When Trump faced charges in April for allegedly falsifying business records, some of his supporters drew parallels between his situation and biblical events.

Notably, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia likened Trump's legal battles to the persecution of Jesus Christ by the Roman government, The Western Journal reported.

She was quoted saying, "Jesus was arrested and murdered by the Roman government. There have been many people throughout history that have been arrested and persecuted by radical corrupt governments, and it’s beginning today in New York City."

Details of the Fine and its Aftermath

Judge Arthur Engoron imposed the fine on Trump due to a social media post that insinuated a personal relationship between Engoron’s clerk, Allison Greenfield, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Although the post was removed from Truth Social upon Engoron's directive, it lingered on Trump's campaign website.

The judge expressed his concerns about the potential harm that could arise from spreading false information in the current political climate. He warned of stricter penalties for any future violations, which could escalate to higher fines or even imprisonment.

Following the fine, Trump didn't hold back. He shared another post on Truth Social, this time from a different user, labeling Judge Engoron as a "lunatic."

The Ongoing Trial and Courtroom Tensions

Judge Engoron is currently overseeing a trial where New York State Attorney General Letitia James alleges that Trump inflated his and his companies' worth to mislead lenders.

The trial has witnessed its fair share of intense moments.

An instance of this tension was evident in an exchange between Trump's attorney, Chris Kise, and prosecutor Colleen Faherty. Faherty urged Kise to show more respect, to which Kise simply responded with a firm "No."


  • Donald Trump was fined $5,000 for violating a judge's gag order.
  • He responded by posting an image of himself with Jesus in a courtroom.
  • The image was previously shared by Trump in early October.
  • Some supporters have compared Trump's legal challenges to the persecution of Jesus.
  • Judge Arthur Engoron warned Trump of stricter penalties for future violations.
  • The trial has been marked by intense exchanges and heated moments.

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