Trump Pledges to Scrap 'Bidenomics' for 'MAGAnomics' After Election Victory

 May 12, 2024

In a charged atmosphere at Wildwood, New Jersey, former President Donald Trump made a definitive pledge.

According to Washington Examiner, at a recent rally, Trump promised to dismantle President Joe Biden's economic agenda, labeling it as 'Bidenomics', and reintroduce his economic strategies known as 'MAGAnomics' on his first day back in office if elected. The White House replacement would be the removal of 'Bidenomics.'

Trump’s speech highlighted significant financial challenges faced by families, attributing these to the current administration's policies. Throughout his address, he claimed that costs for daily essentials have soared under Biden’s watch. The prices of hot dogs, chickens, and even gasoline, he noted, had seen dramatic increases.

Dramatic Predictions and Economic Proposals at the Rally

New Jersey's Wildwood saw over 100,000 supporters gathered, according to Trump, where he critiqued the alleged economic downturn caused by Biden's policies. This downturn, he suggested, was marked by a steep rise in the cost of living and essentials. Former President Trump also offered a stark warning: he predicted a major market crash comparable to 1929 if the upcoming election does not swing in his favor. Furthermore, he credited recent market successes to his standing in the polls.

His criticism extended to Biden's energy policies, which he described as overly favorable to Russia while causing financial strain at home due to increased oil prices. Trump's counterproposal was clear: "We’re going to drill, baby, drill. We’re going to get our energy way down."

Eyes on Economic Recovery with a Familiar Strategy

Trump's address was not just a review of the past but also a promise for the future. He expressed a firm intent to lower taxes and curb what he termed the "green new scam", suggesting these moves would tame what he called the "inflation death spiral".

The former President, amid cheers, proclaimed that he would stop excessive governmental spending as part of a broader economic overhaul. His pitch was for a broad-spectrum tax reduction, promising the "biggest tax cut" for all classes, signaling an inclusive financial relief plan.

Voicing the crowd's economic distress was Christine Powell, a New Jersey resident, who lamented the current economic conditions: "All of us that were living paycheck to paycheck are now living paycheck to paycheck plus maxing out every single credit card because this economy is horrible."

Rising Living Costs and Community Responses

Furthermore, Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey aligned with Trump, reminiscing about the economic conditions four years ago when inflation was virtually non-existent and the economy was booming. Among the attendees, Luke Reed expressed dismay at the escalating prices, noting, "Inflation is going crazy. … It wasn’t bad under [Trump], and it’s getting really bad right now," highlighting a common concern at the rally.

Trump’s rally extended beyond economic theories to veiled warnings, claiming that Biden's policies were set to destroy suburban lifestyles and property values in New Jersey.


The rally rhetoric intensified as Trump returned to familiar themes from his previous administration, focusing heavily on economic revival and energy independence. Such statements seemed to resonate deeply with his audience who expressed vociferous agreement and support.

Trump concluded his spirited address with a vision for the future, pledging a reversal of the Biden administration's economic policies immediately upon his re-election. His solution, 'MAGAnomics', promises a return to policies his supporters believe helped Americans prosper during his previous term in office.

Trump's rally in New Jersey underscores a fundamental political divide on economic solutions and reflects the fervent support of his base, eager for his leadership amid current economic grievances. Returning to 'MAGAnomics', according to Trump, is seen not just as a shift in policy but as a necessary pivot to restore economic stability and growth.

About Victor Winston

Victor is a freelance writer and researcher who focuses on national politics, geopolitics, and economics.

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