Trump Opens Up On Potential VP

 January 5, 2024

In a candid Mar-a-Lago interview, former President Donald Trump discussed the seemingly minimal impact of vice presidential picks on election outcomes.

Former President Donald Trump believes the vice presidential choice is not a significant factor in winning presidential elections.

The two-hour interview with former President Trump was conducted by Breitbart News at his Mar-a-Lago estate, providing insight into the political strategies of the leading Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election. While the former president praised the quality of potential GOP running mates, he did not commit to any specific individual as his vice presidential choice. This revelation comes as speculation mounts over who will join him on the ticket if he secures the Republican nomination.

The Vice Presidential Impact Debate

Throughout American political history, the vice presidential candidate's influence on election results has been a subject of debate. Reflecting on past presidential races, Trump suggested that vice presidential selections have not markedly swayed the electorate. This contrasts with the views of some donor-class establishment figures advocating for Nikki Haley, believing she could appeal to women and moderate voters.

Former President Trump emphasized the importance of winning, stating his grave concern for the country's future should his party fail. "Winning is very important. Look, if we don’t win this, I think this country is finished. I actually do," he noted, underscoring his urgent tone. Haley, the former ambassador to the United Nations, is seen by some as a strategic choice to broaden the party's appeal, though Trump has not indicated any preference for her explicitly.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Senator J.D. Vance, Rep. Elise Stefanik, Rep. Byron Donalds, Senator Marsha Blackburn, and Senator Tim Scott are among the names circulating as potential vice presidential candidates. Each carries a different political appeal that could complement Trump's campaign, but the former president refrained from signaling any favorites among this group of Republican figures.

Polls and Primaries: The Race Tightens

The former president's leadership in the polls, particularly in the critical Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, demonstrates his continued influence within the Republican Party. These early voting events are closely watched as indicators of national sentiment and could be decisive in the nomination process. The nomination could hinge on the outcomes in these states, with the race potentially being decided in the next few weeks.

Super Tuesday, the day when the largest number of states hold primaries and caucuses, is fast approaching in early March. The following Tuesday marks a pivotal moment when a candidate could secure a majority of delegates, setting the stage for the party's national convention in July. The strategic importance of these events cannot be overstated, as they may very well determine the Republican nominee for president.

The proximity of the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, scheduled within days of each other, adds to the intensity of the campaign trail. Candidates, including Trump, are on a tight schedule to convince voters of their vision for America's future. The outcomes of these two events are especially significant, as they are the first real test of a candidate's viability on the national stage.

Trump's Reflections on Leadership and Victory

Former President Trump shared his thoughts on leadership and the importance of victory in the upcoming election. He remarked:

If you study the history of presidential runs, a vice president has never made a difference—which is surprising. It’s a one-night story, and then they’re back to a regular evening.

In his view, the role of a vice president in securing electoral success is limited to a brief moment of attention. Trump's focus remains on the broader strategy of winning the election rather than the details of running mate selection.

Despite the varied opinions on the matter, Trump's conviction about winning and its significance for the country's future remains clear. He expressed a sense of urgency and a stark perspective on the consequences of the election. The former president's supporters and opponents alike are watching closely as the political landscape unfolds.


The interview with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago shed light on several critical aspects of the upcoming presidential election:

  • Trump's view on the historical insignificance of vice presidential choices in elections.
  • There is a strong roster of potential GOP running mates, though Trump has not named a specific choice.
  • The importance placed on winning the next election for the country's future.
  • The influence of donor-class establishment figures advocating for Nikki Haley as a strategic running mate.
  • Trump's significant lead in polls for the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.

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