Trump Lawyers Open Up On Former President’s Next Move

 December 10, 2023

In a bold move defying his legal team's advice, former President Donald Trump is set to testify in his ongoing civil fraud trial. This decision comes despite objections from his attorneys and a restrictive gag order imposed by the judge.

Alina Habba, Trump's attorney, has voiced concerns over the gag order, arguing that it infringes upon the First Amendment rights.

Habba, who had initially planned for Trump to take the stand before the gag order, now faces a dilemma. The gag order, which prevents Trump and his lawyers from speaking about the judge or his staff, was briefly lifted by an appeals court in November but was quickly reinstated.

Gag Order Stirs Legal and Constitutional Debate

The gag order, which bars Trump from criticizing Judge Arthur Engoron without facing penalties, has sparked significant controversy, The Hill reported.

Habba argues that it unfairly restricts Trump's ability to defend himself and speak freely, a cornerstone of American rights.

In a recent interview, Habba expressed her frustration, stating, "I will say and I still say that having any client get on a stand with a gag a First Amendment violation." This sentiment highlights the tension between legal strategies and constitutional rights in high-profile cases.

Trump is expected to testify on Monday, December 12, as the defense's final witness, a move that may prove pivotal in the trial. His testimony comes after a series of legal developments, including the September ruling where Judge Engoron found Trump liable for fraud.

Trump's Testimony: A Strategic Gamble

The decision for Trump to testify is seen as a risky but potentially rewarding strategy by his legal team. Despite the challenges posed by the gag order, they believe his testimony could sway opinions and clarify his stance.

"You should not respect the court and allow them to hear you," Habba argued, emphasizing the importance of being heard in court. This statement reflects a belief in the fundamental right to present one's case directly to the judiciary.

"I would never discourage the former president from testifying... We are seriously in a dual system of justice and a Banana Republic..."

The accusation by Letitia James's office, claiming Trump inflated and deflated assets for financial gain, lies at the heart of this legal battle. Trump's team, however, insists that prosecutors have not substantiated their fraud allegations sufficiently.

Legal Team's View on Justice System and Trial

Habba's comments on the justice system highlight a deep concern about fairness and equality in legal proceedings. The case against Trump, she argues, exemplifies a broader issue of inconsistency and bias within the justice system.

This perspective is shared by many who follow the case, with opinions divided on the merits of the allegations and the approach taken by the judiciary. The high-profile nature of the trial adds to the complexity, drawing attention to the balance between legal processes and public opinion.

With Trump's testimony looming, the legal community and the public alike are keenly observing how this will impact the ongoing trial. His words, constrained by the gag order, will be scrutinized for their potential to shift the course of the proceedings.

Trump's Legal Battle: A Tense Countdown to Testimony

As the date for Trump's testimony approaches, there is an air of anticipation and uncertainty. The former president's decision to testify is a testament to his confidence and his desire to confront the allegations head-on.

The timeline of the case paints a picture of a legal tug-of-war. Each development adds a layer to the complex narrative of this high-stakes legal battle.

Monday's testimony is not just about the specifics of the fraud case. It represents a collision of legal strategy, personal conviction, and constitutional principles.


The impending testimony of Trump in his civil fraud trial is a critical juncture in a case marked by confrontations. His decision to testify, despite legal advice and a gag order, adds a dramatic twist to the proceedings.

  • Trump's attorney, Alina Habba, claims the gag order infringes on First Amendment rights.
  • Habba originally planned for Trump to testify before the gag order was imposed.
  • The gag order restricts Trump and his lawyers from criticizing the judge and staff.
  • Trump is expected to testify on Monday as the defense's final witness.
  • The case centers on allegations of inflating and deflating assets for financial gain.

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