Trump Lawyers Claim Former President Is Stronger Than Ever After Colorado Decision

 December 22, 2023

Colorado Supreme Court has barred former President Donald Trump from the state's GOP primary ballot.

The 4-3 decision by the Colorado Supreme Court against Trump’s inclusion in the GOP primary has ignited a strong response from his legal team.

Alina Habba Responds to the Court's Decision

Alina Habba, Trump's attorney, spoke candidly about the court's ruling during an interview with Breitbart News Daily. Habba emphasized that Trump remains unfazed by the decision, demonstrating his resilience in adversity. She noted that such challenges have been a constant since Trump entered the political arena in 2015.

According to Habba, Trump's dedication to his country is evident in his willingness to sacrifice his personal interests. She highlighted how Trump has put his family and business ventures at stake for national service. This unwavering commitment, she argues, is a testament to his strength and endurance.

Habba's remarks also touched upon the former President's ongoing involvement in political campaigns. Despite the recent setback, she asserts that Trump continues to lead the political race, actively participating in the campaign trail and garnering widespread support.

The Political Implications of the Court's Ruling

The decision by the Colorado Supreme Court is part of a broader political struggle. Habba accused Trump's opponents, particularly on the left, of acting out of fear of his potential victory in the 2024 presidential election. This fear, she suggests, is driving them to take desperate measures against him.

Habba confidently believed that the U.S. Supreme Court would eventually overturn the Colorado Court's decision. She views the current situation as a temporary hurdle that Trump is well-equipped to overcome. This confidence reflects a broader sense of optimism within Trump's camp regarding the future of his political journey.

The reaction of the public and political base to this event is also crucial. Habba argued that attempts to undermine Trump are inadvertently strengthening his support base. According to her, such actions solidify his existing followers and sway independent voters in his favor.

The Resilience of Donald Trump

This unwavering stance has been a hallmark of Trump's approach to politics and public life. Despite numerous challenges, his commitment to his cause and supporters appears steadfast. Habba's comments reflect a belief that these obstacles have only served to fortify Trump's resolve.

Habba said:

"It’s another day. I mean, I would love to tell you he’s shaken by it. But he’s not. This is the way they’ve been treating him since 2015. It just shows you how much he loves the country. He’s willing to sacrifice every piece of his life, including his family, his businesses, for the sake of the country. So he’s strong. He’s stronger than ever. He’s still on the campaign trail. He’s clearly leading. And that’s why they’re attacking him so hard."

Habba's statements paint a picture of a political figure undeterred by legal and political challenges. According to her, Trump’s resilience and strength are more evident than ever, especially in the face of ongoing opposition. This portrayal is consistent with the narrative of a leader battling against a frequently hostile system by Trump and his allies.


The recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court and the response from Trump's legal team highlight the ongoing political drama in the U.S. As the country moves closer to the 2024 presidential election, events like these will continue to shape the political landscape.

  • The Colorado Supreme Court ruled against Trump's inclusion in the GOP primary ballot in a 4-3 decision.
  • Trump's lawyer, Alina Habba, expresses confidence in Trump's resilience and continued leadership in the political race.
  • Habba believes the attempts to undermine Trump bolstered his support base and swayed independent voters.
  • The decision is part of a broader political struggle in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election.
  • The public and political base's reaction to these events will be crucial in the coming months.

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