Trump Lawyer Claims NY Case Is ‘Sideshow’ For Letitia James

By Robert Cunningham, updated on November 8, 2023

In a recent interview, Alina Habba, the attorney representing former President Donald Trump, voiced a vigorous defense against allegations in a New York civil fraud case.

In a bold statement, Trump's lawyer dismissed the New York fraud case as a political maneuver by Attorney General Letitia James.

Habba, who also acts as a spokeswoman for Trump, took to the airwaves on Breitbart News Daily to speak on the contentious legal battle over the valuation of Trump's New York assets. This legal entanglement has captured national attention, casting long shadows over Trump's business practices and the political climate surrounding them.

Legal Battlegrounds and Political Undertones

Throughout the interview, Habba was steadfast in her assertion that the case serves as nothing more than a political "sideshow." Her remarks were direct, suggesting that the legal actions were not just about the law but were deeply intertwined with partisan efforts against the former president. The primary question of liability in this case has already been decided by Judge Engoron -- a fact that Habba criticizes heavily, and the current proceedings relate only to the issue of the penalties to be imposed.

Habba conveyed her belief that not only Trump but also his supporters and the Trump Organization are under attack because of their political affiliations and stances. This sentiment echoes a wider belief among some conservatives that political bias is influencing legal proceedings.

Moreover, Habba expressed her concern that there is a substantial amount of animosity and "indoctrination" within the country, which she feels is unjustly laid at Trump's feet. In her eyes, those who support Trump are not the intolerant figures they are often portrayed to be but rather are citizens looking for constitutional adherence and reform.

Critique of Media Coverage and Legal Fairness

The interview also included Habba's critique of the media landscape, which she believes has failed to provide equitable coverage of the story. She accuses the press of not shining a light on what she sees as the fundamental unfairness at the heart of this legal challenge.

Despite these criticisms, Habba mentioned the media's dual role as an obstacle and a vehicle for their message. This nuanced view acknowledges the power of the press in shaping public discourse around legal and political matters.

Before delving further into Habba's statements, it is important to understand the backdrop against which this case unfolds. Letitia James, the New York attorney general, made it a campaign promise to pursue investigations into Trump's affairs. The subsequent civil fraud case regarding the valuation of Trump's New York assets has been a high-profile fulfillment of that promise.

Reflections on Representing Trump

Habba does not mince words when it comes to her client, showing fierce loyalty and a clear mission to defend him. She articulated her gratitude for the opportunity to represent Trump and to provide him with a voice against what she perceives as attempts to silence him.

Alina Habba stated in the interview:

You know, these people are trying to take away one of the most epic companies and iconic companies in New York. And they think this is just, you know, politics, a show, and it’s not. It’s a disgrace what they’re doing. They don’t love his politics so they come after him.

Her defense of Trump extends to his supporters, framing them as individuals who hold the Constitution in high regard, show tolerance, and seek meaningful reform. This perspective seems to be a rebuttal to the often polarized portrayal of Trump's base in the wider media narrative.


  • Trump's attorney, Alina Habba, defends him against the New York civil fraud case, calling it a politically motivated "sideshow."
  • Habba criticizes the media and the summary judgment decision, claiming bias and unfair targeting due to politics.
  • The case reflects broader tensions and divisions, with Trump's supporters cast as seeking constitutional adherence and reform.
  • The sequence of events is ongoing, with the interview taking place after the summary judgment but before the penalty phase of the case.

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