Trump Judge Had $40M In Undisclosed Cash Transfers

 December 3, 2023

The court overseeing former President Trump's civil fraud trial was informed of approximately $40 million in unreported cash transfers by the Trump Organization, a revelation potentially significant in the ongoing legal proceedings. However, it was determined the Trump Organization continues to cooperate and is generally in compliance with the court orders.

Barbara Jones, the financial monitor appointed by the judge to oversee the Trump Organization's activities, has played a pivotal role in uncovering these undisclosed transactions.

Her team's meticulous review of bank statements brought these significant cash movements to light, which should have been reported under court orders.

Financial Oversight Reveals Unreported Millions

The scrutiny stemmed from a court order mandating the Trump Organization to report any cash transfers exceeding $5 million. Jones and her team discovered three such transfers, collectively amounting to $40 million, which were previously not disclosed to the court. This finding raises questions about compliance and transparency within the organization.

Among these transfers, the largest, amounting to $29 million, was reportedly sent to Donald Trump for tax payments. This transaction, along with others, was identified during the team's examination of financial documents spanning from January to October 2022, The Messenger reported.

Barbara Jones, addressing the court, expressed her concerns over these findings. She emphasized the necessity for stringent compliance with the reporting requirements, highlighting the importance of transparency in financial dealings, especially for an organization under legal scrutiny. However, in a blow to the judge, she emphasized no wrongdoing from Trump.

Trump Organization Acknowledges Oversight

In response to these findings, the Trump Organization acknowledged its oversight in not disclosing some financial information. They have since committed to improving their compliance processes.

According to Jones, the Trump Organization's previous financial disclosures were incomplete. However, she noted that the organization has taken proactive steps to resolve these issues, indicating a willingness to adhere to the required standards of financial transparency and accountability.

In her statement to the court, Jones explained, "We have discussed with defendants why these were not disclosed and I have now clarified (and defendants have agreed) that all transfers out of the trust exceeding $5 million must be reported." This conversation reflects a concerted effort to improve financial transparency within the Trump Organization.

Compliance Measures and Future Monitoring

Barbara Jones also reviewed several Trump Organization financial deals and tax filings as part of her oversight responsibilities. Some relevant tax returns, which were initially not disclosed as required, were later provided by the organization, suggesting a reactive approach to compliance.

Jones' previous report in August 2022 had already highlighted issues with incomplete financial disclosures. The recent findings of the unreported cash transfers seem to be a continuation of these challenges, underscoring the need for more stringent monitoring and reporting practices.

Jones has clarified with the Trump Organization the necessity of reporting all transfers over $5 million going forward. This clarification is a step towards ensuring better compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, enhancing the transparency of the organization's financial operations.

Enhanced Monitoring Amidst Legal Proceedings

The ongoing $250 million civil fraud trial against former President Trump adds a layer of complexity to these financial revelations. The court's appointment of Barbara Jones as a financial watchdog was a proactive measure to ensure financial transparency.

The period under review was critical in understanding the financial operations of the Trump Organization. Jones's team's thorough examination of the financial statements during this period was instrumental.

"Acknowledged that their exclusion was an oversight," said Barbara Jones, referring to the Trump Organization excluding some tax return information. She further added, "have committed to ensure that all required information is promptly disclosed to the monitor."

This commitment by the Trump Organization to improve compliance is a significant step in addressing the concerns.

Striving for Financial Transparency

The Trump Organization's acknowledgment of its oversight in financial reporting marks a shift towards greater transparency.

With the legal proceedings continuing, the role of the financial watchdog becomes increasingly vital. The efforts of Barbara Jones and her team in monitoring and reporting these financial activities are crucial in maintaining integrity.

The recent disclosures and the Trump Organization's commitment to transparency are seen as positive steps.

  • A court-appointed financial watchdog revealed about $40 million in previously unreported transfers.
  • These transfers were discovered during a review of financial statements from January to October 2022.
  • The Trump Organization has acknowledged the oversight and committed to improved compliance and prompt disclosure of required information.
  • Barbara Jones' role as a financial monitor has been instrumental.

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