Trump Judge Allows Former President To Use Four Witness

 November 10, 2023

In a recent turn of events, Judge Arthur Engoron allowed four defense witnesses to testify in the ongoing civil fraud trial against Donald Trump, rejecting Attorney General Letitia James' efforts to prevent this.

The trial, centered around allegations of business fraud, will proceed as scheduled, with Donald Trump Jr. as the inaugural defense witness.

Engoron's decision centered around four individuals: Jason Flemmons, Steve Witkoff, Steven Laposa, and David Miller. These men, all called upon by Trump's defense team, were the focus of AG James' unsuccessful motion to disallow their testimonies.

Engoron's Rationale for Decision

Engoron's reasoning was clear; he desired to avoid a retrial and the chance of being reversed on appeal. This decision aligns with his earlier rulings in the case, indicating a consistent legal approach.

"I don't want a retrial of this case. I don't want to be reversed," stated Judge Engoron. This quote succinctly sums up the motive behind his latest ruling.

While he allowed these testimonies, Engoron maintained that this did not preclude objections to potential irrelevancies in the witness accounts.

Trump's Legal Team Faces Challenges

In another significant development, Judge Engoron dismissed a request by Trump's lawyers to halt the trial immediately. This decision underscores the ongoing challenges faced by Trump's legal team as they navigate the complexities of this high-stakes litigation.

The trial, which media outlets and the public have closely followed, has had its share of dramatic moments. In September, Engoron found Trump, his sons, and two executives liable for business fraud, a decision that has added significant weight to the ongoing proceedings.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking substantial damages in the case, amounting to $250 million. Furthermore, she aims to prohibit Trump from conducting business in New York, a move that could have far-reaching implications for the former president's future business endeavors.

Ivanka's Denial and Upcoming Testimony

The testimony of Ivanka Trump marked an important moment in the trial, with her denial of detailed financial knowledge potentially impacting the overall direction of the case. This development adds another dimension to the intricate legal battle in the courtroom.

Looking ahead, the trial is set to continue next week, with Donald Trump Jr. slated as the first defense witness. This next phase is eagerly anticipated, as it promises to bring new insights and potentially pivotal testimony to the proceedings.

As the gavel falls on Monday, the courtroom will bear witness to a trial that may change the course of Trump's business ventures in New York. The testimonies of Flemmons, Witkoff, Laposa, and Miller are now more crucial than ever, with their words potentially shaping the case's outcome.


  • Judge Engoron has permitted the testimony of four defense witnesses, rejecting AG James' motion to bar them.
  • Engoron has expressed a clear intention to avoid a retrial and potentially reverse the case.
  • Ivanka Trump has completed her testimony, denying awareness of granular financial details.
  • The case is set to continue on Monday, with Donald Trump Jr. as the first defense witness.
  • The trial follows a September 2022 ruling that found Trump and his associates liable for business fraud, with AG James seeking $250 million in damages.

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