Trump Interviewing New Legal Team After E. Jean Carroll Loss

 February 1, 2024

It would appear that attorney Alina Habba's days as Trump's lead attorney are now limited.

After getting crushed in two consecutive cases, reports are blowing up that Trump is now interviewing new attorneys to handle his appeal.

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Alina Habba Big Losses

Alina Habba has been controversial right from the start. She has made some big statements to the media as well as has been seen hanging out with Trump in several social situations, which fueled salacious rumors about the two of them, which, as far as I can tell, are just that, rumors.

Habba has not done herself any favors by going to interviews where she is leaning toward her looks more than her intelligence. We all assume that she is going to lose the New York fraud case, where Trump is facing a $370 million loss, but now she has also lost the E. Jean Carroll case, costing Trump another $83 million. That is on top of the millions of dollars in legal fees that Trump is piling up in these cases, as well as fines issued by judges, and it is pretty easy to see why Trump is looking for a new attorney.

Trump Interviewing New Attorneys

After the Carroll verdict was announced, there were whispers that Trump could be looking for a new attorney. Then, on Wednesday, the reports really started to go crazy after Trump posted on Truth Social:

"I am in the process, along with my team, of interviewing various law firms to represent me in an Appeal of one of the most ridiculous and unfair Witch Hunts our Country has ever seen - The defamation Sham presided over by a Clinton appointed, highly partisan, Trump Hating Judge, Lewis Kaplan, who was, together with certain other Radical Left Democrat Judges, one of the most partisan and out of control activists that I have ever appeared before.

"This entire HOAX is a disgrace to our American System of Justice."

After Trump posted that, it became open season on Habba, who has already been taking heat from pundits for her obscure comments and lack of preparedness during these cases. MSNBC's Joe Scarborough called her "one of the most ill-prepared attorneys for a case of this magnitude, maybe in the history of the planet."

He later added:

"He's had bad lawyers but at least they knew their way around the courtroom.

"And by the way, you either know your way around the courtroom or you don't, and speaking as a lawyer that didn't know his way around the courtroom, I can tell you, it can be a very frightening thing and you would not want to be in this type of case."


Habba, at least to me, seems like she is treating this like a field trip more than a case that could make or break her career. She has been traveling with the Trump group on his private jet, attending rallies, and she has been a social butterfly at Trump's parties. That, of course, does not even account for all the time she has spent doing media interviews, painting herself as the savior of the leader of MAGA.

Well, Habba dropped the ball, getting crushed in these cases. And we all know Trump. Ultimately, it comes down to money, and Habba just costs him a ton of it. The reality of the situation is that Trump does not have this kind of liquid cash, so he has to make a move, hoping to flip things on appeal.

Habba needed to concentrate on these cases because if she had won, she could have written her own ticket. Now, like many before her, her career is likely ruined after her experience with Trump. The big question now is what happens if Trump does hire a new legal team? If he fires Habba, we all know at some point, he will trash her in the media, call her a loser, uneducated, or something along those lines. Does Habba turn on Trump and start talking negatively about him, or does she just slip away into the night?

And how long will it take for MAGA supporters to turn on her and start trolling her on social media? I bring this up because the pool of attorneys that would be willing to represent Trump has to be drying out. The wake of attorneys left behind who have either had their careers ruined, gone bankrupt, and/or had their law licenses suspended for working for Trump is getting pretty big. And the scary thing for Trump is that the worst of these cases have not even started.

About Jerry McConway

Jerry McConway is an independent political author and investigator who lives in Dallas, Texas. He has spent years building a strong following of readers who know that he will write what he believes is true, even if it means criticizing politicians his followers support. His readers have come to expect his integrity.

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