Trump Endorses Jim Justice in Senate Race

By William Sinclair, updated on October 19, 2023

Former President Donald Trump has made a significant move, endorsing Jim Justice in the upcoming Senate race against Joe Manchin.

Trump's affection for Jim Justice, whom he fondly refers to as "Big Jim", is evident. In a recent post on Truth Social, Trump praised Justice for his dedication and commitment to various causes.

Trump's words were filled with admiration, stating that Justice is "BIG in every way, but especially in his wonderful HEART."

He further emphasized Justice's stand on issues like border security, military support, energy, economy, and the 2nd Amendment.

Trump's endorsement read, "Big Jim Justice, the Governor of the Great State of West Virginia (I LOVE WEST VIRGINIA!), is BIG in every way, but especially in his wonderful HEART! Strong on the Border, our Great Military & Vets, CLEAN COAL & Energy Dominance, the Economy, Stopping Inflation, & Protecting our 2nd Amendment, Big Jim will be a Great UNITED STATES SENATOR, and has my Complete & Total Endorsement. HE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN!!!"

High-Profile Backing for Justice

It's not just Trump who's rallying behind Justice. Several influential Republicans, including Senators Lindsey Graham and Shelley Moore Capito, have shown their support.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has also thrown its weight behind Justice, Washington Examiner reported.

Justice's political journey is noteworthy. He was first elected as a Democrat in West Virginia, only to switch to the GOP in 2017.

His popularity as a governor is undeniable, making him a formidable contender in the Senate race.

On the other hand, Rep. Alex Mooney, who once enjoyed Trump's endorsement in a House race, now faces a challenge. With Trump endorsing Justice, Mooney's position as the more Trump-aligned candidate is under threat.

Manchin's Future Plans Remain Uncertain

While the GOP primary race is heating up, all eyes are on Joe Manchin. Will he run for reelection next year? Or does he have presidential aspirations?

Manchin has been playing his cards close to his chest, hinting at both a Senate run and an independent presidential bid. He's promised to clarify his 2024 plans by year-end.

Despite the uncertainty, Manchin exudes confidence. He's been quoted saying, "If I get in a race, I’m gonna win."


  • Trump endorses Jim Justice for the Senate race against Joe Manchin.
  • Justice enjoys support from high-profile Republicans and committees.
  • Manchin's future plans, be it a Senate run or a presidential bid, remain a topic of intrigue.

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