Trump Demands ‘Urgent Review’ Of Gag Order Ruling

 December 5, 2023

In a fresh twist to a high-profile legal saga, former President Donald Trump is poised to challenge a gag order imposed on him by New York's appellate court, a move that could have significant implications in his ongoing civil fraud trial.

Trump's appeal comes after a lower court upheld the gag order, which was initially issued following disparaging remarks made by Trump about a court official on social media.

The controversy began when Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the trial, issued a gag order against Trump in early October. This order was in response to a scathing social media post by Trump, in which he criticized Engoron's clerk, Allison Greenfield.

Gag Order Expanded and Trump's Violation

In the days that followed, the gag order was broadened to include all attorneys involved in the case. Despite this, Trump defied the order twice, resulting in fines totaling $15,000 before an appeals court temporarily halted the order in mid-November.

However, Trump's request for a permanent lift of the gag order was denied by the appeals court. Undeterred, Trump is now preparing to take his case to New York's highest court, the Court of Appeals.

Claims of Bias and Threats

In his legal filings, Trump has alleged bias on the part of both Judge Engoron and his clerk, Greenfield. In an attempt to defend Greenfield, Engoron stated that he frequently relies on her input for case consultations.

Shocking developments have also surfaced with regard to threats made against Greenfield and Engoron. A court security official disclosed that since Trump's initial October post, threats against the two have filled a staggering 275 pages.

Threats escalated further when the gag order was temporarily lifted. Within an hour, Trump's aides targeted Greenfield on social media, followed by Trump himself, who labeled her as "biased."

Trump's Civil Fraud Trial Continues

While these events have unfolded, the civil fraud trial against Trump, his two adult sons, and their company has continued. The trial has already found them liable for fraud with allegations of conspiracy, falsification of records, and insurance fraud under consideration.

As the trial progresses, disgorgement, a financial penalty, is due to be levied against Trump and co-defendants. Furthermore, Trump is slated to be recalled as a witness by his own legal team on December 11.

As quoted by Trump's attorney, Clifford Robert:

"Without expedited review, [the defendants] will continue to suffer irreparable injury daily, as they are silenced on matters implicating the appearance of bias and impropriety on the bench during a trial of immense stakes. Petitioners' counsel have no means of preserving evidence of or arguments regarding such bias and impropriety at this time, since the Gag Orders also prohibit in-court statements."

What's Next in the Trial?

The trial, which has garnered significant national attention, is set to conclude with closing arguments on January 11. The outcome of this trial could set a significant precedent for future cases involving public figures and their interactions with the judicial process.

As the nation watches this legal drama unfold, the implications of the gag order and its potential review by the Court of Appeals will undoubtedly continue to be a focal point of legal and public discourse.

Until then, the trial continues, with every development scrutinized in the court of public opinion.


  • Trump plans to appeal a gag order to New York's highest court.
  • The gag order was issued by Judge Arthur Engoron after Trump disparaged his clerk, Allison Greenfield, on social media.
  • Trump has since violated the gag order twice and was fined $15,000.
  • There has been a significant increase in threats to Greenfield and Engoron following Trump's social media posts.
  • Trump and his two adult sons, along with their company, are currently on trial for civil fraud.
  • Trump is expected to be recalled as a witness by his lawyers on December 11.
  • Closing arguments for the trial are scheduled for January 11.

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