Trump Calls Out AG After Winning In Appellate Court

By Victor Winston, updated on December 7, 2023

In a significant development in the New York civil trial, former President Donald Trump made a court appearance on Thursday. The case, spearheaded by New York Attorney General Letitia James, revolves around allegations of financial statement fraud within the Trump Organization.

The trial, taking place without a jury, puts Trump at the center of accusations of inflating asset values on financial statements.

Trump's legal team presented a robust defense, with Eli Bartov, a professor of accounting, taking the stand. Bartov, serving as a defense witness, offered a pivotal testimony, stating he found no evidence of fraud in Trump's financial statements.

Trump's Reaction and Defense Witness Testimony

Reacting to Bartov's testimony, Trump expressed strong opinions about the trial's nature. He labeled the legal proceedings a "political witch hunt" and accused them of being a form of "election interference." Trump's criticisms align with his consistent denials of any wrongdoing in the case.

In his statements, Donald Trump emphasized that the case should be dismissed, considering the lack of evidence of fraud. This stance is supported by the testimony of Bartov, who asserted that Trump's financial statements did not violate accounting principles.

Trump highlighted the recent favorable ruling from an appeals court, which temporarily halted the dissolution of some properties associated with his organization. According to Trump, this development is a significant win in the legal battle.

Legal Complexities and Trump's Campaign Concerns

The lawsuit, initiated by Letitia James, falls under a consumer protection statute. This law denies the right to a jury in the trial, adding a layer of legal complexity to the proceedings.

Amidst the ongoing trial, Trump has expressed frustration over its impact on his political activities. He claimed that the trial obstructs his campaign ability, particularly in Iowa, where he believes he could be strengthening his political standing.

Further complicating matters, Trump maintains that the assets in question were undervalued. He argues that banks were fully aware that the numbers provided were estimates, accompanied by disclaimers.

Timeline of Events and Legal Developments

The lawsuit's origins trace back to 2022, when Letitia James first filed the accusation against Trump's business for inflating asset values. This legal action set the stage for the subsequent events unfolding over the next two years.

In September, a judge ruled that Trump had committed fraud, leading to the stripping of some properties. However, this decision was challenged, and an appeals court temporarily halted the property dissolution in October.

The current phase of the trial, with Trump's direct involvement, is a culmination of these legal developments. As the trial proceeds, Trump's testimony continues to draw significant attention.

Expert Witness Sheds Light on Financial Statements

Eli Bartov's testimony provided a crucial perspective in the trial. As an accounting expert, Bartov's analysis carries substantial weight in the courtroom. According to Bartov, Trump's financial statements exhibited no significant misstatements or deviations from accounting principles. This assertion challenges the foundational claims of the lawsuit.

"My main finding is that there is no evidence whatsoever of any accounting fraud. [Trump's] financial statements were not materially misstated."

Trump's View on the Legal Proceedings

Trump's view on the trial is unequivocally critical. He has repeatedly voiced his belief that the legal action against him is unjustified and politically motivated.

Reflecting on the case, Trump asserts that it lacks merit and should be concluded. His statements resonate with a broader narrative of challenging the motivations behind the lawsuit.

The complex interplay of legal arguments, witness testimonies, and Trump's reactions unfolds as the trial continues. The implications of the trial extend beyond the courtroom, touching on broader political and legal discourses.


  • Donald Trump appeared in a New York civil trial over alleged financial statement fraud.
  • The trial, initiated by NY AG Letitia James, accuses Trump of inflating asset values.
  • Defense witness Eli Bartov testified, finding no evidence of fraud in Trump's financial statements.
  • Trump criticizes the case as politically motivated and a form of election interference.
  • An appeals court paused the dissolution of some Trump Organization properties.
  • Trump maintains his innocence, claiming asset values were undervalued and banks were aware of the estimates.

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