Trump Calls For Legal Action Against Special Counsel Smith Over Evidence Handling

 May 28, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has escalated his confrontation with the Justice Department by demanding legal action against special counsel Jack Smith.

Trump accuses Smith and his team of mishandling key evidence in an ongoing investigation concerning classified documents.

As reported by Conservative Brief, Former President Trump has alleged serious misconduct in the handling of evidence related to his possession of classified materials, demanding the arrest of special counsel Jack Smith.

Trump Accuses Prosecutor of Evidence Tampering

The controversy sprang from a recent court filing in which Smith's team admitted to a mishap involving the rearrangement of items in boxes of documents seized from Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence.

This court filing, disclosed by Smith’s team to U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, informed that some evidence was not in its original state compared to earlier digital scans. This sparked fierce criticism from Trump, who branded Smith’s actions as criminal and equivalent to "evidence tampering."

Trump expressed his outrage on Truth Social:

Arrest deranged Jack Smith. He is a criminal. It has always been clear that the ‘Documents Case’ is nothing but an Election Interference Scam concocted by Crooked Joe Biden, Deranged Jack Smith, and their Hacks and Thugs... he and his team committed blatant Evidence Tampering by mishandling the very Boxes they used as a pretext to bring this Fake Case. These deeply Illegal actions by the Politicized ‘Persecutors’ mandate that this whole Witch Hunt be DROPPED IMMEDIATELY. END THE ‘BOXES HOAXES.’ MAG-netic2024!

The Justice Department prosecutors have attempted to clarify the situation. They acknowledged discrepancies arising from varied handling, which included replacing original classified documents with placeholders to maintain security protocols.

Evidence Handling Issues Threaten Trump Prosecution Integrity

Legal experts argue that such discrepancies in evidence handling could pose significant challenges for prosecutors. There is concern that this might undermine the integrity of evidence crucial to the prosecution's case against Trump.

In reaction to the mishap, the defendants involved were granted additional time by the court to review the altered documents, a decision reflecting the complexity added by these documentation issues. This has heightened scrutiny of the procedures followed by the investigative team and raised questions about the potential impacts on the ongoing legal proceedings.

The incident has ignited widespread debate, with Trump framing it as political persecution intended to derail his future political endeavors. He asserts that the mishandling of evidence should lead to a complete dismissal of the charges against him.


Former President Donald Trump has intensified his dispute with the Justice Department by demanding the arrest of special counsel Jack Smith, accusing him of mishandling evidence in the investigation into Trump's possession of classified documents.

Trump claims that Smith's team committed evidence tampering by rearranging items in boxes of documents seized from his Mar-a-Lago residence, as admitted in a court filing.

The Justice Department has tried to explain the discrepancies by noting that original documents were replaced with placeholders for security reasons, but this has raised concerns about the integrity of the evidence. Trump has labeled the investigation as a politically motivated "Election Interference Scam" and is calling for the charges to be dropped.

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